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When preparing a bottle feed, it is important that the water is boiled and left to cool for 30 minutes. If you have any concerns about how much milk your baby is having or how often they are feeding, speak to your public health nurse or doctor.
Give your baby breast milk or formula milk as their main drink until they are at least one year old. Cooled boiled water is the most suitable drink if your baby does need extra drinks between feeds.
By homesteadladyBaby goats are one of the best part of goat husbandry but you don’t want kidding season to take you unawares.
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Babies may not always want to feed at regular intervals (for example, every three or four hours). Aim to replace all bottles with a cup or beaker by the time your baby is about one year old. It may contain bacteria like E.sakazakii and Salmonella - that could make your baby sick, causing vomiting, diarrhoea and, in rare cases, meningitis.
They are going to need to understand that babies are going to be noisy, won’t be able to play with them at first and are going to need a lot of your attention while they are very small. At this temperature it is hot enough to kill harmful bacteria that may be in the formula powder and cool enough not to damage a lot of the nutrients in the formula.
There are plenty of great picture books aimed at introducing the idea of a new baby, so consider buying one to help your toddler understand what you're talking about.
It’s probably a good idea to start broaching the subject around the same time you tell everybody else – any sooner and the concept will likely seem too far away for a young mind to grasp! In addition to minimizing any initial feelings of jealousy, this will make things a lot easier for you as it can spare you having to deal with change-induced tantrums towards the end of your term!Getting involvedBefore the arrival you can get your toddler involved in preparations in small ways.

This will help stop your toddler from feeling left out, and their involvement can be continued even after their sibling is born. Another idea is to let a relative look after the younger child so you can spend some one-on-one time with your toddler. She is a great believer in, and advocate of, attachment parenting, breastfeeding and babywearing.
In her spare time she runs a sling meet, where she helps parents in her area learn to safely carry their babies.

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