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The better the mood the mother is in during the pregnancy, the greater the chance you'll be able to select one or both traits upon birth. Grab a teddy bear from around the house (or just buy a new one in Buy Mode), and you can place it in the crib with the baby. Prior to the v1.3 patch, when the woman is pregnant, if she eats apples or anything with apples, she'll have a baby boy. So, if you've patched at least to v1.3, you'll need to have the mother eat the fruits directly.

Obviously Sims with the Fertility Treatment superpower have a better chance of seeing it, especially if both Sims involved have the superpower. To do this, have the mom buy or grow a few apples or watermelons, then open her Inventory Panel.
Further, during the pregnancy, if the mother listens to the kids' radio station, or watches the kids' TV station, or does both simultaneously, this will greatly increase the chance of it happening too.
Typically, you'll have boys early, because Apple Pancakes is one of the few meals you'll early in the game; and when your Sim becomes a better cook, and gains the ability to cook more stuff with watermelons (like Fruit Parfaits), you'll see more girls.

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