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I have loads of cleaned out baby food jars, so I love a good craft project that requires jars! Materials Needed: glue, candy, jars with lids, colored cardstock, scissors, markers, and googly eyes. So instead of eating them all ourselves, we decided to share some of our candy and make gratitude turkey treat jars! I found this idea at Kids and Glitter and tweaked it a bit to help start our month off right and focus on gratitude! Grab your leftover Halloween candy and try and figure out what would fit perfectly inside a baby food jar.
Brainstorm who you want to give your jar to and your favorite things to do with that person (or why you are grateful for that person).

Review all of the things that you wrote on the feathers together and then deliver your treat turkey!
They were really simple, fun to make, and a great activity to allow my son and I to talk about people we are grateful for! It took my son a few minutes of trying to cram crunch bars inside to realize that small round treats work the best. The second option was a bit too abstract for my son, so the concrete "favorite things to do" got him going. My little guy loved going through each feather and telling his dad about the ones that he helped come up with versus the ones that were my ideas. I moderate each comment, so you won't see your comment show up immediately when you post.

My son was more interested in the candy than cutting today, so I'll have him cut when we make our next jar. By prepping him ahead of time before he gave the turkey to his dad, he was better able to remember all of his ideas and felt really proud that he could "read' them to his dad.

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