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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Seek preconception careTo reduce your risk of complications during pregnancy, see a doctor for a checkup at least three months before trying to conceive. Know when to seek fertility help Postponing children until later in life, practicing unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, and other factors can make it harder to get pregnant. Couples who want to know how to conceive a boy have many reasons for choosing one gender over the other. First, some explanations: Studies have shown that a sperm cell carrying the Y chromosome, which fertilizes the egg to produce a boy, swims fast but has a short lifespan.
The premise behind this is that, being faster than the female sperm, the male sperm will reach the egg just when it is ready to be fertilized.
By the time the egg is ready, the male sperm will already be dead due to its shorter life span. To increase the alkaline level of the body, the woman can eat more cereals, fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, foods high in potassium, and saltier foods or those higher in sodium. If you want a son badly enough, you just might hit the jackpot by giving these tips on how to conceive a boy a try. In Trying to Conceive, we offer you a guide to getting pregnant, covering topics like pre-pregnancy healthcare, how to boost your fertility, and what to do if pregnancy does not come easily.
If you are trying to get pregnant, learn how to recognize and track these fertility signs, helping you to get pregnant more quickly.

If you are living with a health condition like diabetes, ask how to best manage your condition during pregnancy. At age 37, this decline becomes more rapid, and fertility problems can increase dramatically.
If you are over 35 and have not gotten pregnant after six months of trying, or if you are under 35 and haven't conceived within a year of trying, see a fertility specialist for individualized help. Whatever the reason, there may now be ways to increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy. If the woman?s egg is not ready ? when she is not in her fertile period ? the male sperm will travel faster, but there will be no egg to fertilize. Again, this is to optimize the speed of the male sperm: Having a shorter distance to swim will enable it to reach the egg first. When a female orgasms, the body produces fluid that is mostly alkaline, giving a boost to the male sperm, which thrives in an alkaline environment. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider for your health and pregnancy needs.
There are many methods available to help you predict when you ovulate, increasing your chances of pregnancy, naturally. Your doctor can offer you tips to help you boost your fertility, improve your health during pregnancy, and reduce possible complications. Like many women today, you may have been postponing children until your 30s as you focused on your career, education, and other goals. Although they are not 100% guaranteed, they are much better than having no means at all to skew the odds in your favor.
Working with these characteristics of the male sperm to minimize the advantages of the female sperm over the male sperm will improve a coupleA?s chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Keep track of your ovulation cycle by watching the calendar, observing your vaginal mucus, monitoring your basal body temperature, or using an ovulation testing kit. To maximize the chances of fertilization by the Y-chromosome-carrying sperm, have intercourse when you are most fertile. Positions that allow for deep penetration include the good old missionary position and doggy style (especially if the woman curls her legs under her chest instead of being on her hands and knees).
You can also ask your health care provider about how to keep track of your ovulation cycle.
You will recognize this period as being a little before or after the 15th day of your menstrual cycle (you need to observe how long your cycle is in order to pinpoint this day with more accuracy); the vaginal mucus will be thicker and more plentiful, your breasts may seem full or sensitive, and your basal body temperature will spike. Another is a modification of the missionary position, in which the woman?s knees are drawn up to her chest and her feet are on her partner?s chest or resting on his shoulders.
This gives the sperm a push towards the cervix, but gives more advantage to the male sperm due to its inherent speed. It has been found that women who regularly skip breakfast have a greater chance of bearing daughters. If you are not ready to get pregnant yet, find out how to preserve your fertility while you are young to prevent fertility problems in the future.

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