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Fat has twice the energy (9 calories per gram) that carbs and protein do (4 calories per gram apiece).
Just make sure that your physical activity level is higher during that time, allowing you to burn off that extra energy. When you're depleting carbs, deplete them around the time when your activity level is at its lowest.
Rotate your carbs intake to coincide with your highest physical activity level, which is probably your daily workout. Follow these instructions in concert, and you'll find yourself with more energy than you ever expected to have in the carb-depletion zone.

So if carbs are going to be in shorter supply than subtlety at a Lady Gaga concert, what kinds of protein and fat foods should you favor?
High-quality fats: flaxseed oil, fish oil, olive oil, avocados, pecans, almonds, and peanuts. Known as ''The World Most Ripped Fitness Model,'' he's very passionate about educating people all over the world about health and fitness. Deplete carbs all at once, and you're going to feel like somebody just unplugged your body from a wall socket. So the key to staying energized when cutting carbs is going to be bumping up your protein and fat intake.

Take those minimal carbs and consume them right around the workout, so that you can burn that fuel right way.
You also may want to minimize your weekly cardio when depleting carbs in order to save the minimal energy you do have.

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