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Welcome back to another fun filled drawing tutorial that I know you will all love and adore. Okay let's start this step by drawing out the baby girl's guidelines and shapes to form a frame for her body. Well you have now reached your third drawing step and what you will do here is first draw out the smile and cheek lines that will cup her eyes in a later step. Beautiful Baby HD Wallpapers, HD wallpapers are situated as your cool background image that when your framework stays for a certain period with nobody utilizing it, the Newborn Baby Sleeping Smile HD Wallpaper girls wallpaper HD computer screen. I haven’t been submitting lessons like I use to lately because I have been going through a transitional stage with the site and with moving, so I do apologize for that.
The first thing you need to do is draw out a circle for her bubble head and then add the facial guidelines. You will finish off your baby girl drawing by giving her some big beautiful eyes and a few lashes.

While I was looking through the recent tutorials that I submitted like four days ago, I saw how the baby boy got good reviews and gained a good amount of popularity. Once that is done you will add the shape of her small baby body which kind of looks like a jellybean.
You will then draw out the ear shape and then the cute little curl on her head as seen here. Finish off her hands and feet and then you are ready to move to the next step which will draw you closer to the end.
Now that the top of her body is done you can start drawing out the shapes of her stubby arms and legs. This was an extremely fun lesson for me to do because I was using pictures of my baby sister back when she was a young toddler as a reference. There was this one picture of her when she had this amazing baby smile with one little tooth showing on the bottom of her mouth.

Detail the bottom of her baby feet and then erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. My baby sister had brown pig-tails in her photo but, I wanted this tutorial on "how to draw a baby" look like she was the sister of the baby boy I drew. I think that she came out absolutely beautiful and I know for a fact that you will all enjoy this lesson on how to draw a baby girl step by step.
Learning how to draw babies is something that I know you will all be able to do even if you are a novice artist.

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