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The mask of pregnancy is more common in brown skinned women but any woman can get it during her pregnancy. They get dark patches appearing on their face, mainly the cheek area, which is usually a little darker than their current skin tone. Your Mask of Pregnancy will get worse if you go out in the sun, you will realise that your dark patches have gotten darker.
To reduce the effects of the mask of pregnancy you need to make sure that your diet contains enough folic acid by taking a folic acid supplement and eating foods rich in folates that's the natural form of folic acid, foods such as whole grains and leafy green vegetables.
You can safe lighten your mask of pregnancy using Nur76 Skin Lightening Serum while you are pregnant as it won't harm your baby.
It is safe to use Nur76 Skin Lightening when pregnant, before, during or even after your pregnancy. Facial hair is an unpleasant thing that many women suffer from , Unwanted facial hair can be caused by medical or genetic causes however it is always a condition that cause low self esteem for women , although it is an annoying problem but there are many easy home remedies to get over the problem and enjoy a glowing soft face free of any unwanted facial hairs , below we will present to you Top Ten Home Remedies Yo Get Rid Of Facial Hair , the remedies below will be totally natural and they work on reducing the growth of the facial hair with regular usage . Rubbing the skin regularly with pumice Stine is a traditional way to get rid of unwanted hair in the body or the face, However if you have a sensitive skin then don’t consider this methods as it can have some consequences on sensitive skin .
Spearmint leaves shown affectivity to lower testosterone levels in the female body which cause the growth of unwanted facial hairs , drinking two cups of spearmint tea daily should show results within one month of usage . Making a paste of gram flower , olive oil and lemon juice and applying it to the areas of the face where the unwanted facial hair present can be very effecting in terminating the problem of facial hair , apply the paste on your face and use a towel dipped in warm water to clean it off once it has dried .
Applying a paste mede of turmeric powder and yogurt is another effective way that slow down the growth of the unwanted facial hair , repeat this twice a week and specially after the regular facial hair removal. Sugar wax is an effective hair removal method that works on slowing down the growth of the unwanted hair , heat up an equal quantity of sugar and water with the juice of a lemon until the mixture caramelize and become golden yellow , apply the mixture once it becomes warm to the area where the unwanted facial hair present and then place a cloth on it a pull to the opposite direction of the hair growth . Apply a mask of egg white mixed with corn starch on your face and allow it to dry , once it is dried clean it off with warm water , this mask is a great scrub for the face and it also work as a cleanser .

Phytoestrogens work on promoting the production of the female hormones estrogen which lower the growth of the unwanted facial hair , foods that are rich with Phytoestrogens include fennel , flax seed and sage .
Using raw papaya mixed with turmeric and lemon juice has been believed to work greatly for reducing the growth of the facial hair , use raw papaya that is made into a paste . Using white potatoes juice and crushed yellow lentils as a mask over the areas where the unwanted facial hair present is also another effective home remedy to get rid of unwanted facial hair . One of the best and most effective ways to slow down the growth of facial hair is by applying a paste of crushed lupin beans mixed with lemon juice and olive oil directly after your regular hair removal , you shall notice that the hair takes longer than used to be to show up again .
The main reason that causes excess production of melanin normally involves hormonal chnages, pregnancy and other skin related issues. Thankfully hyperpigmentation is not permanent and you can easily get rid of it by following these simple home remedies. Caution- People with sensitive should not apply lemon juice directly on their face without diluting it.
This can grow worse as you get further into your pregnancy as your hormones are all over the place during this period. At this point in time you need to double up on your sunscreen as your skin needs as much protection it can get. Nur76 Skin Lightening naturally inhibits the production of Melanin which is the thing that is making your skin darker and brings out your original skin colour.
You can use on other areas such as your stomach to help reduce the overactive melanin which could be causing a dark line in the middle of your stomach. Other factors may involve skin injury, burning, over exposure to sun, stress or contact with certain chemicals. Lemon- The citric acid in lemons helps to bleach the skin, making it a perfect at home treatment for treating hyperpigmentation.

Raw Potato- Potatoes have mild bleaching properties that work well for getting rid of any sort of skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation. Apple Cider Vinegar- Apple cider vinegar is wonder product that works miraculously in treating almost every skin ailment including hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E- Vitamin E is essential for the processing of vitamin A, which helps in lightening the dark spots, improves the skin’s health and fades skin discoloration. Aloe Vera- Fresh aloe vera gel works brilliantly on fading hyperpigmentation due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides which is known to lighten skin pigmentation and dark spots. If you apply to other parts of your face it can work to make your whole face or selects parts lighter as it gradually works be reducing the production of melanin in those areas. Hyperpigmentation may develop on almost any part of the body which include face, hands, neck, legs and arms. This due to the presence of an enzyme named as catecholase, which helps to lighten the skin tone. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and has astringent properties which make it a great remedy for treating hyperpigmentation and in restoring the complexion.
In the absence of vitamin E, the body cannot absorb vitamin A properly thus making the above-mentioned functions impossible. It exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells and promotes the production of new skin cells.
You don’t have to rinse it off, but if your skin gets too red or itchy then you can rinse it off.

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