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A leg cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles, accompanied by intense pain and muscle tenderness. Over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen, paracetamol and ibuprofen can be effective in decreasing pain.
For added calcium, consume dairy products like low fat yogurt and milk and vegetables such as broccoli, kale, ragi, drumstick and bok choi. Drinking two cups of red raspberry-leaf tea (in morning and night) or 5 cups of chamomile tea daily for 14 days helps to get rid of leg cramps.
Put a bar of soap under the bed sheet, at the foot of the bed and leave it there during sleep. Wear socks while sleeping as well as shoes with cushioned foot beds & proper arch support throughout the day. Daily intake of 3 tsps cramp bark tincture thrice a day is also helpful in preventing leg cramps.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps - 5 Tips That Stop Leg Cramp FastBy Trish CannoneDo you want to know how to get rid of leg cramps?
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The causes of leg cramp are dehydration, mineral deficiency (sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium), heavy exercise, pregnancy, medications (diuretics and hypertension medications), muscle fatigue, neuromuscular disorders, some diseases (diabetes, anemia, thyroid and kidney diseases), standing in the same position for longer period of time and electrolyte imbalance. A warm compress can be applied by soaking a cloth in warm in lukewarm water and applying it to the leg whereas a cold compress can be applied soaking a cloth in cold water and then applying on the affected area.
You can increase intake of potassium by adding bananas, meats, poultry, fish and avocados in your diet. Then, apply hot compress by dipping a towel in a hot water and wrapping it on the affected area (after squeezing).

You are most likely to experience a cramp because you have putyour body and specially your leg through a lot of strain. Leg cramp is not a serious problem but if you notice any swelling in the leg or the pain occurs after an injury, then immediately consult your doctor as this may be an indication of a blood clot. You can also use a frozen gel pack for cold compress and a hot water bottle for warm compress.
After that, divide the mixture in 3 equal parts and consume with equal amount of water, three times a day for few days. Activities can include excessive standing, long walks orjogging.Understanding CrampsCramps are basically painful sensations in your muscles due to contraction or over-shortening. A leg cramp can happen any time, most often at night (when you are sleeping) with no warning.
The people who are already consuming a multi-vitamin with B vitamins can also take this tablet. For a cramp in the calf, sit down with your leg extended straight and pull the toes upward towards your knee for stretching out the muscle.
When you strainyourself so much, you sweat and with that, you lose a lot of essential fluids, mainly sodium and potassium. To do this you canuse Cetyl Myristoleate, a type of natural lubricant and this is how you get rid of leg cramps.When you look at the list above, you know it cant be very fast.
This extremely uncomfortable and frustrating problem is more common in pregnant women, overweight people, elderly and the people engaged in sports. If it is in the back of the thigh, raise the leg and make the knee straight and if a cramp is in the front of the thigh, bend the knee and bring it up towards the chest.
The lackof these essential salts forces the body into producing lactic acid within the muscles, finally leading to cramps.The weird part comes when you feel these cramps while resting.
The pain usually appears in calf, the hamstring and the quadriceps areas, which lasts from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

However, the good news is, a Health Institute has developed an ointment which is said tocontain all the above mentioned substances. A leg cramp is a harmless problem that can be treated at home without visiting the hospital.
These are also the results of lack of essential fluids, not due to sweating but due to prolonged resting. Whathappens here is that when you have been in the same posture for a very prolonged period the blood fails to reach afew points which have been blocked due to your body weight and failing to provide those muscles with the mineralslike potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.Stop Leg Cramps FastCramps are very painful and disturbing, distracting you from whatever you were doing. Once youfind it, youll never again in your entire life ask the question about how to get rid of leg cramps again.Want more information on how to get rid of leg cramps using this natural ointment proven to cure leg crampsquickly and effectively?
First thing that you need to do is to provide the problem areas with the essential salts that it needs. For this, youcan try drinking water, milk or some supplements that can provide you with the required minerals.2.
Mentholincreases circulation of blood to this part, phosphorous helps in bringing regularity to your heartbeat, and LachesisMutus helps in thinning the blood and increasing its mobility.3. For this, people normally use pain killers, which aremore of pain givers than pain killers due to its side effects. Youcan always go for Belladonna, a natural anesthetic, Rhus Tox, which is a plant that acts as a pain killer, or Naja,which runs directly to your nerves and reduces the pain.4. For this,you need anti-depressants such as a nice block of chocolate or some Ignatia plant which is a type of natural anti-depressants.

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