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Although the summer months are when most gardening occurs, the early fall is also a great time to do some landscaping and preparations for the cold winter months. Here are some suggestions to consider when gardening and landscaping this fall and how to prepare your gardens for winter. When the summer harvest is over, it is time to start cleaning out the vegetable garden and getting it ready for winter.
We are quickly coming up on the best time of year to plant shrubs and trees – as the demand for foliage growth begins to wane, the soil is still warm enough to let the roots of these plants grow properly. The months of October and November are the best times to plant flower bulbs for blooming in early spring.
If you are ready to take on this DIY project, stop by Hipp Modern Builder’s Supply, a Mountain View AR hardware store, for all your DIY needs.
If you are in between relationships, this is a great time to reflect on important pointers for getting ready for love. The best way to welcome your dreams as they manifest and continue getting what you want is to learn how to receive it well. If you thoughtSECRET'sHyosunglooked fine in herearlier released photosfor 'Cosmopolitan', you ain't seen nothing yet! October and November are great months for gardening and planting next season’s flower bed when it is not too hot to work outside and plants have a chance to truly thrive.
Vegetables, vines, leaves and roots that are left in a garden to decay can be a breeding ground for diseases and pests during the winter. Additionally, trees and shrubs will have 6 to 8 months for their roots to fully develop in preparation for hot summer weather.

If you are not planning on planting leftover bulbs from the previous season, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place for planting next year.
Women, more so than men, need coaching on this (that's my anecdotal experiences with it, anyway). The more you say thank you -- to yourself, your significant other, to God, Goddess, All there is -- the more good things that flow your way. She looks even better in the released making-video!If anything, her figure looks even better in the video than in her actual photos for the magazine. It is important to clear all debris from the garden and add it into a composting pile or remove it from the property in order to ensure the health and prosperity of plants next spring. It is important to make sure that newly planted items are well watered considering the cool, dry winds of fall can quickly dehydrate them. Those gardeners who live in cooler climates should plant bulbs during October, and warmer climate gardeners should take advantage of November weather for planting. Here are seven steps to help hone your ability to truly receive love -- and deal with a relationship -- when Cupid's coveted arrow does find your heart! Research has proven time and again that people who get trapped in bad or abusive relationships suffer from low self-esteem. It has to do with letting down your defenses and letting go of fear, in order to surrender and truly merge with another person. The more good things that flow your way, the more experience you will have letting them in. It is also possible to start growing cool season crops during this time – spinach, lettuce, and broccoli all thrive during the late summer and early fall, making a fall garden a real treat.

New plants should be watered once a week when it does not rain and make sure to check soil moisture level often and water as needed. Too often people seek out others who will fill some inner need, as opposed to someone with whom you can truly share life. Sometimes, because of background and personal history, the only model someone has for love is destructive behavior or pain; perhaps they lived in a household were "love" was expressed that way.
There is an incorrect notion that surrender makes one vulnerable, and vulnerability equals powerlessness. While there is a line between nagging and making a request, there is a huge area of possibility in which magical things will happen if only you request them! It's important to recognize the distinction between "neediness and having someone," and "love and sharing from the heart." Dysfunctional relationships are born out of unions between people who don't really know what it means to love, honor and cherish. Not for people who realize that, when they are healthy inside, it is a natural response to surrender.
People who love, honor and cherish themselves -- or at least strive for it -- are more capable of both giving and receiving that from a mate. Utilize everything you can -- books, therapy, friends -- to enhance emotional health and self-esteem. We may try to get at it through sex, but, when you surrender on more than just a sexual level, it allows you to really have that which you truly desire: True intimacy.

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