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There is an incredible sense of anticipation and excitement that makes it hard to think of much else. Get your partner to up his zinc intake and make sure he keeps his important parts cool and loose to ensure a high sperm count. And don’t forget folic acid; you need to begin taking folic acid before conception to reduce incidence of neural tube and other birth defects (and autism too).

But when it doesn’t happen as quickly as one imagines, the feeling of excitement can turn to anxiety, and she may wonder if there is anything she can do to move things along. Pinpoint your fertile window by tracking your monthly cycle and subtracting 14 from the length of time between menstruations.
Sometimes the sperm needs a little help getting to the finish line, and the right consistency of cervical mucus can help them get there quickly and easily. This carefully researched formula provides the ideal dose of a potent mucolytic and antioxidant to help women optimize their chances for pregnancy.

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