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We’ve been lucky in that many babies with MSPI cry all the time or are extremely fussy. At 12 weeks there was still a lot of mucus in his diapers and also visible blood, so the next step was to eliminate soy.
I took Luke back to his pediatrician and she said it’d be worthwhile to cut out more foods that could be causing him problems. After 2 solid weeks of good diapers, we decided to start solids (a few weeks earlier than we planned at 5.5 months old) ┬áDetails about that are a whole different post, but I will give an overview as it relates to his digestive issues. At this point I am just praying that Luke with outgrow his food sensitivities and be able to eat a normal, non-restrictive diet one day. I saw youR blog abut Luke and his allergies and I have a 3 months And a half baby boy that has the same thing .
When he was only three weeks all of a sudden an extreme eczema came on his face and around his neck , we went to te dr and he did not mention anything about the dairy specifically but as to keep a diary and check and guided us to a skin dr . The eczema went away and he remained just with A wheezing sound every now and then , after a while he stools started to be green more often and at one point he would start to vomit ( which he doesn’t do ) and having blood in his stools like Luke s .
He was born 3,570 kg and at 13 weeks he was 5, 700 kg ( three months and one week ) the dr said he maintains on the same line in the graphic and he is average and progresses . I eat rice, chicken , Potatos , chicken soup ( boil the chicken without skin and put carrots very little onion green peppers zucchini and potato ) . My dr said that we can not run a blood allergy test now because he is exclusively breast feed it won’t show his immunoglobulins but mine .
Hi, I just wanted to say that my older son had FPIES to rice (FPIES is the same as MSPI except the name doesn’t specify a certain food like milk or soy, it means food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome).
I wish I lived closer so I could do something to help – like bring you some apples, which seem to be the only thing you can eat.

We just had an allergy retest 5 years later, and the nut side of his poor back blew up like a balloon.
I was so scared to have Jordan go through the same thing, that I quit nursing her at 5 weeks. Sometimes I sneak nuts at school because I miss them so much…and I’d do anything for a big old PBand J sandwich!! Do you think you will be doing a post on the foods you are eating on this elimination diet? I eliminated dairy for 8 weeks and when it didn’t completely clear things up, I eliminated soy. My doctor told me 1 week, but after I trialed soy it was longer than that before his stools returned to normal. I’m not going to lie, why I saw the warning, I had to leave and come back until AFTER I finished my breakfast.
My LO was prescribed cortisone cream , fenistil ( antihistamine and anti allergic drops ) and a bioderma soap to bath him with .
It can be still the egg or the fish or the wheat in my body or his abd make him blood after 11 days and 8 days of fastin those aliments ???
When it’s safe to add first eggs and WAITE 4 -5 days and then add fish and WAITE 4-5 days and then bread to see his reactions ???
What a journey you and Luke have been on- I don’t know what I would do if I were in your shoes. The reason I ask is because I am also eliminating lots of foods due to breastfeeding my son who has some digestive issues and am having a hard time finding foods I can eat. He would have foamy poops and often won’t even go unless I help him with leg exercises and such (sometimes the rectal stimulation of changing a diaper).

My daughter is now 5 months old, wakes up several (4-7) times in the night and she is always passing gas… Always.
Towards the end of three months he started to have loose stools and very tiny particles in it like tiny sand but very few ones not a lot let’s say 3 or four you could spot in the stool and very tiny . We never figured it out until we started him on solids and he had the full-on FPIES reaction (projectile vomiting every 5 mins for 8 hours, lethargic etc). I love how much you have advocated for your little angel and kept with it for his benefit; that is true love at its finest! It makes me sad but I guess back then, people just didn’t know about all of the benefits to breastfeeding. Her poops changed about 2-3 months ago from the yellow seedy poops to a more caramel like poop (sorry for the visual). Then two weeks ago the blood came back and the mucus , terrible terrible stomach ache and gas and he was startin to sleep four hours and then wake up now he wakes up every two hours :((( . At first I assumed it was a stomach flu but when we tried the rice cereal again 2 weeks later, whamo. I gave up all milk for 2 weeks and switched to soy, but I am now realizing that it was a) not long enough and b) probably not best to switch to soy as she may also have a soy sensitivity.

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