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Este item esta indisponivel no Shoptime, mas voce pode compra-lo em um de nossos parceiros.
Por favor, informe seu nome e email que avisaremos assim que o produto chegar em nossos estoques. Atencao: este produto so pode ser retirado em uma das lojas particulares e nao possui entrega pelo Shoptime. Infant milestones mark many proud moments in parenthood, from rolling over to saying two-word phrases. Some babies have been known to simply skip the traditional crawl and go straight to walking. Tummy time – The only way to give your little star a chance to pick up on the crawling skills she needs is to give her plenty of tummy time.

Rollers – Whether you purchase “rollers” or use a soft cylinder toy you already have at home, giving her the support she needs under her belly and chest will give her the opportunity to strengthen those leg and arm muscles and get going! Bathroom towel and toy combo – Using a bathroom towel under your baby’s belly like a sling will help give her the support her little arms and legs may not provide just yet. Be her biggest cheerleader – Whether she’s fast and furious out of the gate, or makes slow but steady progress, by pouring on the encouragement she’ll be more motivated and (hopefully) less frustrated. Hill, MD, FAAP, “A baby will often start to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth as early as six months of age. With a little less work to do on her part, and a toy just out of reach to give her the extra motivation she needs, she’ll be crawling in no time. Place your hands behind her feet as she’s on her tummy with her legs bent to give her something to push off from.

Crawling not only helps strengthen an infant’s legs so she can eventually walk, but will also aid in learning later on down the road.
She’ll get the concept that her back legs get her moving forward and start moving on her own soon. If she skips crawling and goes straight to walking, the only thing you have to worry about iskeeping up with her! Some babies never do crawl in the classic sense, instead getting around by rolling, performing an "army crawl," or doing all the work with one leg and dragging the other.” So get your video cameras out and start documenting your wee little one’s wiggle!

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