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My question is, how far along were you when your belly took on the distinct rounded shape without the round top and still flabby belly? I was a size 16 with my first and second (pretty much an 18 this time) I eventually rounded some but always felt I looked like baby was growing from my liver rather than the cute basketball tummy. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Its not that im a bad looking overweight person, but now that im gaining my pregnancy weight its all going to my stomach and it makes me feel like I get more and more awkward looking every day.
My fiance assures me all the time that im still beautiful and even more so because im growing our baby in my belly but I cant bring myself to believe him. I wanted to lose more weight than I did before getting pregnant again, but that didn't happen unfortunately. The thrill of learning to walk and run may have launched your toddler into perpetual motion. At around 19 months, your toddler begins to understand when things don't conform to grownup ideas.
I know how rediculous this sounds but I feel like Ill never have the cute round pregnant belly that so many others have.

I thought my pants were getting tighter 3 weeks ago, but I'll be 19 weeks on Friday and pants are definitely getting loser. It always stayed kinda fat looking with my other two pregnancies and figure it will this time too. Your belly will round out probably by 6 months but you may still have a little flabby belly on the bottom.
I started looking noticeably pregnant around 20 weeks but in the end I still had the bottom flab. But after my first pregnancy, lets just say there is plenty of room for a baby bump to grow which basically means it will probably just look like fat until who knows when.
I don't know if it will make you feel better, but it's a board of women who may be able to give you advice and sympathize better being in the same situation.
It's just teenage hormones, and you've got it the worst with the added pregnancy hormones to it.
The top of my belly rounded out within the last 3 weeks but the bottom of my belly is still flabby. I'm a college student right now and a little nervous the youngsters (lol im 27) will think I'm just gaining that college 15+ quickly lol!

Just believe that your fiance really does love you if he wants to marry you and really does think you are beautiful. I can feel it growing but because of my extra weight you cant see that im showing at the bottom of my belly.
I totally understand what its like looking at skinny girls and seeing their beautiful bump and we just have fat belly bloat. We are all going to gain weight so it'll make you feel sad but don't worry about it's all baby :).
I feel like you cant really tell I'm pregnant because I'm deep in that awkward shape phase where I could just be fat. Its beautiful because it is you :) Even if it never shows like you want it to, you still have one beautiful baby inside!
Regardless, theres others out there that can relate :) With my first I got asked if I was preg and I would laugh and tell them no, I just ate too many donuts.

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