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If you want to become pregnant with a male baby eat a healthy diet with a high calorie intake. The responsible person for the content of this web site is solely the webmaster of this website, approachable via this form! Taking folic acid before and during the first stages of pregnancy will help your baby’s brain and spinal cord develop properly. Avoid contact with toxic substances or materials at work and at home that could cause problems with your pregnancy. To improve your chances of getting pregnant, it’s important that your partner is healthy, too. Try to keep some foods to a minimum or eliminate them altogether as they can make your vaginal tract unfriendly to male sperm. In order to become pregnant it is important to understand the male reproductive system and whether or not his spermatozoa is healthy.
Sperm production and ejaculation of spermatozoa into the female reproductive tract during sex are the main functions of the male reproductive system.
Learn how the Y chromosome works and you can make a baby boyChromosomes are long, stringy collections of genes that carry heredity information. To shorten the distance the male sperm have to travel in order to reach the ovum you should aim for deep penetration during sex. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
The eating habits of the women before they were pregnant and during were well documented for this study. Your baby may be at risk for certain problems or diseases that run in your family, and you should be aware of them and inform your doctor, as well.
You’ll want to stick with low-impact aerobic exercises, and as noted, avoid contact exercises as well as exercises where you are at risk of falling. Products such as milk and yogurt should not be consumed if you would like to keep your body receptive to male sperm. The male reproductive structure is designed to perform the function of producing and maintaining male reproductive cells and sperm.
Mature spermatozoa will pass into the epididymis where they gain motility after 18 to 24 hours. In order to see what days you will be ovulating you just need to make an ovulation calendar.
A position that always allows for deep penetration is the classic missionary position where the woman is on her back on the bottom and the man is on top.
The study  revealed that 56 percent of the women on a high calorie diet conceived baby boys.
After the vas deferens the sperm receives a fluid of fructose from the seminal vesicles in order to give them a source of energy that aids their movements. Also, have your doctor perform tests to measure your risk for other problems, such as anemia and Hepatitis. Speak to your physician before starting an exercise program to make sure you choose one that is individually tailored to your needs. These behaviors not only lower the chance of conception, but are dangerous to both you and the baby. A study has shown that most berries are great if you want to get pregnant with a boy baby but you shouldn’t consume blueberries as they are too acidic.
The other important purpose is to produce and secrete male sex hormones that are responsible for maintaining the male reproductive system.

Before intercourse the penis fills with blood and becomes erect and eventually the ejaculatory process begins.
A way to alter the missionary position to give deeper penetration is to lift the hips of the woman by place a pillow under her butt or bringing her knees to her chest.
One medical device to aid in conception consists of cervical caps for insemination of male sperm (how to conceive a boy naturally). The seminal fluid that is added to the spermatozoa also contains alkalines to help counteract the naturally acidic environment of the vagina. Pregnancy affects hormonal levels, which can increase your susceptibility to gum disease and in turn, the health of the baby.
These problems are not caused by anything you do during your pregnancy, but you should still be aware of their possibility. While red meat is good for trying to conceive a son because it is rich in potassium it is recommended that you do not consume processed and deli meats (read more).
If a man can generate Y chromosome carrying spermatozoa that is normal and complete he will be able to reproduce a boy (how to conceive a boy naturally). First the mature sperm travel from the epididymis through the vas deferens that is a narrow tube about 18 inches long. By following the changes of consistency and color in your cervical mucus you can know when you are ovulating. The male gametes cells in humans are heterogametic and contain one of two types of sex chromosomes.
Doggy style is another position that will help in conceiving a baby boy as it provides for deep penetration and a short journey for the sperm to the cervix.
In industrialized countries there has been a noted drop of the birth of boys compared to the birth of girls (click here to discover how to conceive a son). This at home method allows all the semen to be positioned against the cervical area for six hours which makes conception of a son far more probable. The seminal fluid leaves the ejaculatory ducts and passes through the prostrate gland towards the urethra.
Foods that can change the levels of estrogen in your body should not be eaten as they are harmful to your fertility.
Women and men both use follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones for reproductive needs but men use them for the regulation of sperm. Passing through the vas deferens and entering the urethra the spermatozoa are provided with fructose fluid that makes up most of the volume of the man’s ejaculate fluid. To increase the likelihood of pregnancy have intercourse when your cervical mucus closely resembles raw ovum white.
By lying on your stomach with a pillow under your hips your pelvis will be raised to meet the penis and the penetration will be increased. This is believed because there has been a reduction in the average calorie intake in the developed world. Fertility medications may be prescribed if conception is not occurring even though both the sperm and the reproductive organs are healthy. You should try not to eat soy products as they will change your estrogen levels and disrupt your egg production and ovulation schedule.
The anterior pituitary releases Follicle stimulating hormone for sperm creation and Luteinizing Hormone for the production of testosterone.
Because the vagina is naturally acidic the seminal fluid that is combined with spermatozoa contains alkalines to help them survive.
Your baseline body temperature changes on the day of ovulation and can be tracked (how to get baby boy naturally). Sperm cells determine the sex of an individual for when the Y chromosome of a man meets with an X chromosome of a woman a son in conceived (best time of month to conceive a baby boy).

By having sex while standing up gravity will help you have a son because the female X chromosome will be slowed down by gravity pulling it down (click here and read more). Intrauterine insemination is another method that a doctor can perform to help you have a boy.
Only one to ten sperm out of every 14 million spermatozoa deposited naturally in to the vagina will reach the end of the fallopian tube. The hormone testosterone regulates masculine qualities such as voice change and muscle strength. In addition to consuming more calories prior to conception the women who gave birth to boys were also more likely to have eaten higher-quality diets with a wider range of nutrients. A doctor will typically recommend these two methods first as fertilization still occurs inside the body. In the testes there are structures called seminiferous tubules that are the sites of spermatozoa production. Make a record of your temperature daily because it important to determine your own pattern and identify its change. X chromosomes are slow movers in spite of being strong so the Y chromosomes of males can often swim faster. The walls of a woman’s uterus tightens and releases during an orgasm and these movements help the sperm travel to the cervix from the vagina.
Experts advise against drinking too much caffeine when you would like to conceive so instead opt for decaf. A little over two months is all that is needed to mature sperm and 12 billion are produced every month. Take care as several factors can disrupt your menstruation and ovulation cycle such as stress and poor nutrition. The moment of fertilization begins when a spermatozoa from a male fuses with an ovum from a female. Fish like swordfish and tuna often contain a lot of mercury which can be harmful when you are trying to conceive. Only one to ten sperm out of every 14 million sperm deposited naturally in to the vagina will reach the end of the fallopian tube. An ovulation calendar helps a woman narrow down the window of time she needs to watch for ovulation signs.
You must know the first day of your last menstrual cycle and the average number of days between cycles as the fertile period begins six days after the first day of menstruation.
Keeping track of cervical mucus will help you know when your chances of becoming pregnant are most likely. If the mucus in your cervical canal is transparent and slightly elastic you are about to ovulate and your chances of being impregnated are higher. There are many things that can disrupt your ovulation cycle such as serious illness.Learn the ways that your body inherently readies itself for pregnancy and how you can take advantage of it The first half of your menstrual cycle is known as the follicular phase. Your levels of estrogen and progesterone will lower if your ovum of your last cycle during ovulation did not get fertilized. If your levels of estrogen and progesterone are low your body sheds the lining of the uterus and the shedding of that lining is menstruation (natural ways to have a baby boy). While you are menstruating your low levels of estrogen will release hormones known as the Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone. During your period the eggs inside the follicles will mature and estrogen will be released.

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