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If you are pregnant, the thought of falling while pregnant may be scary, but in reality it is something that happens on occasion. When a woman reaches the fourth month of pregnancy, she will begin to lose some of her balance, an in a sense becomes a little top heavy.
To be on the safe side, if you do fall while pregnant you will likely want to call your doctor and tell him or her what happened. With the fetal kick count you will want to sit down and relax; make sure that you have a watch or clock that you can see.
Falling while pregnant can be a frightening event, but ita€™s important not to worry about it too much as many women fall when they are pregnant; in only a few cases will a fall actually harm your baby. To help prevent falls, you always wear comfortable walking shoes and try to avoid walking on wet surfaces and ice.
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One of the reasons that falls are not all that unusual is because a pregnant woman doesna€™t have the same balance and coordination that she did before becoming pregnant. In addition to this, there is weight gain to deal with, the joints and ligaments are more relaxed due to hormone changes; all of this serves to make a woman feel clumsy and out of sorts.
After you explain what has happened to your doctor, he or she may want you to come into their office so they can ensure listen to the fetal heartbeat has not injured the baby.
The most obvious sign that something might be wrong is if you begin spotting or hemorrhaging. The fetal kick count involves paying attention to how many times your baby kicks or moves within a half hour. When a woman is pregnant not only is her balance offset due to gravity, but in some cases she may not even be able to see her feet; this is especially true in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
No only will this ensure that your baby is okay, but it will go a long way in helping to calm your own fears about the fall. Bleeding at any point in your pregnancy should be reported to your doctor, but this is even more important if you have recently sustained an injury.

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If you feel him or her kick at least ten times then chances are your baby is fine; if you dona€™t get at least ten kicks you will want to call your doctor as soon as possible. We also sell discs containing royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, pictures, and graphics. Buy photographs and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD.

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