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So, how do you deal with swelling after pregnancy while trying to balance the tremendous responsibilities and joys of motherhood?
Moderate exercise and activity can also reduce postpartum swelling by improving circulation and helping you to sweat away excess fluid. If your legs and ankles are swollen, try elevating your feet above the level of your heart. While some swelling after pregnancy is normal, certain types of swelling are a sign of danger and shouldn't be ignored.
I am 4 weeks postpartum right now and I gained 57lbs during my pregnancy with a nearly 10lbs baby as well. Article contains so many fruitful information which will be liked by the readers as in my opinion this is the best article in this category. It turns out that while some swelling is inevitable for most women, there are some potential remedies for swelling after pregnancy that may help alleviate or eliminate this problem. Even just taking care of your baby can get your heart pumping, but feel free to add in some easy walking or other light exercise if your doctor approves.
This improves circulation and reduces the fluid build-up in your lower body [source: Kitzinger]. Swelling and pain in only one leg can indicate a severe blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) [source: Curtis and Schuler].
While many pregnant women know to look out for this disorder during pregnancy, few realize that preeclampsia can occur up to four weeks after delivery [source: Norton]. I know that first pic isn’t your favorite ever, but you still look amazing for 2 days post.
I’m dew to give birth in 8 weeks and after seeing the Duchess of Cambridge tummy so round on tv after having Prince George, I have to admit I have been totally freaking out…!
Today my family and I went to take out pictures with a photographer and for the first time I noticed how big I still look (about 6 months preggo)!
As a bonus, a clean, healthy diet can give you the extra energy you need to adjust to your baby's demands.

Don't wear tight clothing or jewelry, as this can restrict blood flow to certain areas and increase swelling. Look for sudden, excessive swelling in the face or hands, and consult your doctor immediately if you notice these warning signs [source: Cedars-Sinai].
I always new that I was still big, but not THAT big ?? I am pretty down right now and try to take in your advice. Take warm baths to reduce discomfort, and don't apply lotions or vitamin E until the area has begun to heal [source: Davis]. Immediately consult your doctor if you suspect DVT, or if you notice swelling accompanied by redness, discharge or odor at any delivery-related incision sites [source: California Pacific Medical Center]. Avoid vitamin supplements, except those prescribed by your doctor, as they can increase your risk for preeclampsia during this period [source: Norton].
Unfortunately, losing that extra weight does feel like a race to me, although I don’t want it to. Skip processed foods, as they're often loaded with bloat-inducing sodium [source: Kitzinger]. My dd is ten months old and I have about 10-12 lbs to lose still but feel pretty good about myself again!
Drinking more water will signal your body to release some of the excess fluid it's been holding onto, which can help reduce swelling.
I felt the same way you did after your first because of eel like everyone was telling me I would bounce right back and then I still looked pregnant for a while so I felt like everyone was judging me. To make sure you're drinking enough, make it a priority to empty your bladder every four to six hours [source: California Pacific Medical Center]. I know you are helping other women feel good and love themselves and setting them up to have realistic expectations! With pregnancy however, the dermis becomes stretched as the baby grows, the stretching of the dermis leads to the outer skin losing its shape in certain parts. This results in patches on the skin, commonly known as stretch marks.Although occurring on teenagers in puberty and overweight individuals, stretch marks are very common in pregnant women because of the severe pulling force on the skin that overcomes elasticity of the dermis.

Others including striae atrophicae, distensae, albicante and vergetures amongst others occur due to such causative factors as hormonal replacement therapy (HRP), body building activities and puberty amongst others.In general, stretch marks do appear as lines on the skin, which can be either purple or reddish in color.
Although stretch marks can appear on any part of the body, the most likely areas are those with large amounts of fat deposits.
Such areas include on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, back, underarms, hips, buttocks and upper arms.
Although they can be unsightly, the formation and appearance of stretch marks on the skin does not present any health risk.
Women who give birth at a young age, those with high body mass index, those who gain weight during pregnancy and those who give birth to babies with higher weight develop stretch marks during and after delivery.
In particular, the glucocorticoid hormone has been singled out as the hormone responsible for the formation. The hormone prevents the formation of collagen and elastin fibers that stop the dermis from tear. In addition, such factors as genes and lack of adequate water have been linked to the formation of stretch marks.Treatment of Stretch MarksVarious treatment methods for eliminating stretch marks are available. Prescription medications particularly of retinoids are also commonly used in treating stretch marks.
The use of certain creams has of late been promoted as a way of preventing the formation of stretch marks during and after pregnancy.
Such creams are those that contain vitamin E, herbal creams containing Gotu Kola as the active ingredient and applying cocoa butter on the skin during pregnancy.

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