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Still, there are a few ways to get your parents to think you’re a responsible almost-adult who can do things, such as things with money, or things that are important to you.
There are trade offs to these arguments, like letting them be able to track where you are, and if this is the first time for an iPhone or especially a smartphone you’ll need to present all sides of the argument for getting an iPhone. We’ll walk through the five areas you need to cover when you try to convince your parents to get you an iPhone. You’re best bet is going to be personalizing these reasons to your age and situation and talking to your parents about this when you all have time to spend discussing the pros and cons of getting you an iPhone. Even if you decide to ask your parents for a free iPhone 5c, they’ll be paying around $40 more a month to add a new smartphone line to a shared data plan. You should ask about the type of plan you are currently on and then go online to see approximately how much the iPhone will cost each month and also how much the iPhone you want will cost to buy when you go to the store.
Come to a meeting with your parents with all of the costs for the iPhone worked out, and how you can help pay for this. Don’t underestimate the benefit of fully explaining the cost and outlining how you can help pay for it, even if it is just in work.
There are dozens of great learning apps that you can use on the iPhone for school and also for hobbies and family activities. You may not like it, but this is a big selling point for convincing your parents to get you an iPhone.
With Find My Friends, your parents can ask Siri where you are and see your location on a map. With the newest Apple Software they can set up a family to share purchases and to approve your app purchases.
If they set up a family, they will get a notification when you want to buy an app, and they can approve or decline it. Let them know that you know how to use the iPhone responsibly and that you understand purchases made in apps and on your iPhone cost real money. Depending on your parents, this is potentially the most important part of convincing them to buy you an iPhone.
You won’t like everything in thisParent to Child iPhone Contract, but show this to your parents and work out a version that suits you and your parents. Armed with these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to convincing your parents to get you an iPhone.
Dont just keep asking your parents for any type a phone becase if u do it’s just gonna make things not work right so just wait like 13 to get a phone unless your parents really need u to have a phone !
Hey Linda,i’m just 10 this june and how can i ask my parent to buy me an iPhone and if your advice doesn’t make me stop asking my parent to buy an iPhone what should i do? Hi Abigail, an Iphone 5C is one of the best choices, take it with you and be responsible, then for the next upcoming year, you can ask her.

Still, parents tend to control your life—or at least the purse strings, which in turn controls your life.
She has lived in tons of exciting places, such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. This is no small purchase, but with the right facts and details you can convince your parents that you need an iPhone and that you are responsible enough to use one. This includes convincing your parents that you are responsible, that this is a tool you’ll use for school and one that you know how to use correctly and safely. If you have enough money saved up, invite them to discuss it over coffee and treat them to coffee using the money you earned, even if it is money you earned from them.
Do research in the app store using a computer to find apps that you can use to help with home work and with hobbies.
They will know this is not all about learning, so include how you can use this for games and entertainment as well, and explain why it will replace you asking for something else each month like a new movie, tickets to see some event or a new video game. You can recruit your teachers, and ask them what iPhone apps they recommend for studying so that you can get a better grade. Tell them that they can track your location, share calendars and always be in communication with them. You should play up this feature as much as you can, even if you don’t particularly want them to be able to track where you are all the time. This is important to share, as they’ve probably heard stories about kids spending thousands of dollars on in-app purchases. This includes use of the iPhone, smart behavior and other activities that will go a long way towards showing your parents that you are responsible enough for an iPhone. I know that everyone has an opinion and they want to state it, but I think the way you said it may have sounded mean.
It really sucks because I have an iPad Air too, but my mom won’t even let me have any iPhone.
I even offer to pay in installments and I would be paying 80% but she still won’t go for it. This is coming from a guy that lives in the country Samsung was made in, so I suggest you take it seriously.
Parents can be super annoying, but have you noticed that adults, other than those on reality shows, don’t do much fighting or yelling? One of our favorite teenage comebacks was a combination of “make me” and “you can’t make me.” A challenge. If your mom is totally stressing about some really boring-sounding work project, or your little sister is really excited for some book (or math?) presentation at school tomorrow—ask about it the next day.

Parents don’t always have your best interests in mind, and sometimes they’re completely unreasonable. She spends her free time snuggling her beautiful, perfect dog Teddy, and reading the entire internet every day.
If you already use a flip phone or feature phone, the good news is that they’ll only pay about $10 more a month or $120 a year to switch to an iPhone. If you are not old enough for that identify projects you can help with at home or other ways to contribute to the cost. During the meeting, make sure you tell your parents that a specific teacher said this app will help you. They need an iPhone or iPad to use this feature, but there are some other options if they use Android phones. Don’t get me wrong, but the advice can be helpful for those who got old phones and have no possible way of getting an Iphone. She seems to want to fix my old samsung phone instead and I REALLY don’t want her to do that becuase it sucks. And if you’re paying 80% of the cost, your mom should be able to pay the tiny little 20%, so your mom must really suck. Following up and showing you care can be kind of time-consuming, but it’s a perfectly nice and adult thing to do. That means: don’t drop out of things your parents have to explain, definitely do call next time you’re going to be late for dinner, and figure out what day you’re supposed to take the SATs.
Valerie enjoys eating things, buying things, and writing things, as well as watching terrible TV. Do whatever works for you—take a deep breath before talking, count to 5, whatever—and try to rationally state your point of view.
I told my parents I was responsible but they kept making up excuses like, we just paid for the new car, and we just paid the house mortgage. We made a deal that if I don’t complain about my Spanish and math touter and I read more she would get me one.
True, now that you’re pretty much the same size, your mom can’t literally drag you to the dentist or your little brother’s baseball game.
But you’re just going to “make” her punish you further if you resist the little things she asks you to do.

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