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Women who rely on an intrauterine system as their method of birth control may wonder about the safety of becoming pregnant after Mirena Removal.
Mirena is a flexible, plastic intrauterine contraceptive that is inserted directly into the uterus. Although there is some debate about how Mirena, and all intrauterine devices, work, it's believed to prevent sperm from reaching an egg while decreasing the thickness of the uterine lining. Mirena is designed for women who have already had at least one child and want a long-term, but not permanent, method of birth control.
Many women who use Mirena like the spontaneity it provides since there are no condoms or spermicides to use.
Other side effects include back pain, ovarian cysts, spotting, and changes in the menstrual cycle. Women who have had pelvic infections, certain reproductive cancers, or liver disease may not be able to use Mirena. Women who plan to use Mirena or an IUD until they are ready to conceive are in luck--in most cases, fertility returns to normal quickly after the device is removed. Although Mirena and most IUDs are designed for up to five years of use, they can easily be removed at any time by your physician. Other problems that occur if you get pregnant while on Mirena include premature delivery, miscarriage, or even death.
In rare cases, the Mirena device could cause a hole in the uterus or it may imbed itself in the uterus wall.
3-7DPO-Dull cramping (I have never had af style cramping like this just a few days after period ended. 8DPO-started feeling like someone was poking me one inch below and one inch left of my belly button.
9DPO-12DPO-tested with FMU, BFN :( REALLY sore breasts, some large veins but not too visible. This is our 2nd baby and the third month of trying after having merina removed our first baby we tried for 6 months and I decided to try the clearblue digital with the smiley opks our first baby and we got pregnant the first month we used them!! There was no reason to take the tests because I had no symptoms and it was over a week until my period.
That day I got in to see my doctor and she confirmed with another urine test and a blood test! It is still very early (only 4 weeks, 13DPO, CD29) so I am not getting my hopes up just yet but the symptoms are slowly showing up. We decided to download Ovia immediately and entered my last 3 periods (had the coil 5 years and the last 6 months my periods had restarted).
DPO2 99.86 temp nausea hot flushes increased appetite diarrhea increased sex drive headache neck ache backache (major back ache which has been a constant to today) right pelvic pain and fullness fatigue bloating gas cramps dizzy spells frequent urination insomnia.
Your posts on this site have kept me reading for hours so I wanted to share my symptoms here for others to read too. Let's start this story when I got the Mirena three years ago and got it removed on July 2015. December we decided to BD every other day until a positive OPK and then every day for a few days. 6DPO - while laying in bed had a horrible sharp stabbing pain in my uterus area, lasted about 30 seconds and was gone. 9DPO - Minor breast achiness - POAS Wonfo in the evening swear I could see a hint of a line.

Although it is estrogen-free, it does contain the hormone levonorgestrel, which is released into the body.
The levonorgestrel, which is present in many birth control pills, also prevents a woman from fully ovulating since the egg doesn't mature.
Since it is inserted once at the physician's office, women who use Mirena barely need to think about their birth control, unlike the pill, which needs to be taken everyday. Since it does not provide a barrier between partners, there is no protection against sexually transmitted diseases and should only be used by women who are in monogamous relationships.
Talk to your doctor about any other concerns you have about your health history and whether Mirena is right for you. In fact, one study shows that women who stop using Mirena conceive just as quickly as women who were on no birth control at all.
Unlike the birth control shots, which are effective for several months at a time, Mirena does not affect future fertility once it's removed. Women who didn't have any complications from using Mirena shouldn't have any problems conceiving and carrying a health pregnancy.
Women who get pregnant while using the device are at a much higher risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. Even though the chances of conceiving with this form of birth control are less than 1 percent, be sure to contact your physician if you think you might be pregnant. I thought it was gas for a minute, but it was a persistent pain low low down in my abdomen.) also, my breasts were getting more and more sore every day.
I just waited until my cm was egg-whitey and we did it once on the day I noticed it, and once two days later. This pregnancy I decided to try them again and got pregnant the first month we tried them again!! Had 2 operations to remove pre cancerous cells down below (so lots of barriers) but it seems that my body has give in and let my husbands little swimmers through! Nausea, tiredness, crazy emotional highs and lows, backache, dizziness, hot flushes, adversion to smells (especially the dog) and a toothache! Convinced I had conceived on our 2nd cycle post Mirena coil removal but worried after seeing how long it took some following removal of this coil. Possibly ovulation bleed but was far too early according to the app as these were the first two fertile days according to charts. Last 2 kids I didn't get a result (but knew for ages) until I was 6 weeks gone as my HCG is apparently low rising. I had my Mirena removed on December 5th so, we were expecting that it would take 6 months to a year to conceive.
We were snowed-in, so I laid around over the weekend, trying to figure out if my period was starting a week early because of the herbs I started taking.
This month I told my DH that I was sick of getting BFNs and we were going to try really hard this month. After 8 months of trying to get my cycle on track we got pregnant in September of 2015, sadly that pregnancy resulted in a chemical pregnancy at 15dpo AF showed up heavier then normal. We used preseed each time we BD, on Vitex since May 2015 (1 pill a day) as well as Fertile CM from CD 1 to O day. Mirena can be used for up to five years and is more than 99 percent effective at preventing an unwanted pregnancy.
If your cycle returns to normal right away, you could conceive in the first month after having it removed.

In fact, there is very little reason to worry about the safety of becoming pregnant after Mirena removal assuming that you are healthy. If you begin to experience heavy bleeding and pain while using Mirena, contact your doctor immediately. If damage or scarring is caused to the surrounding tissue, further surgery or even a hysterectomy may be necessary. All as DPO2 but really cranky and angry then suddenly happy and confident before being cranky and angry again.
DH and I began baby dancing and trying to conceive our first child--We did it religiously and after 5 months of no bfp, we decided to stop trying so hard following the sperm meets egg plan.
I actually started taking a cocktail of VITEX, Maca, and Tribulus once a day on January 1st because my cycle in December was anovulatory. In October I had a really long cycle with some faint BFPs, but they were all blue dye so I'm not sure if it was a chemical or just evaps. These situations will greatly impact a woman's future fertility and her ability to conceive, but they are rare side effects that won't affect most women using Mirena.
I got a faint squinter + on 5-20-16 my husband wasn't a believer because he couldn't see it so then I thought I was just seeing things so to solve the problem I got a digital test and sure enough it said pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!! All same symptoms but then added to them with v serious cramping like AF was going to come early and was going to be the nastiest bitch ever this month.
I watched a fertility specialist on youtube discuss the herbs that she recommends and I was sold. The only unusual symptoms was I had minor cramping after ovulation which isn't normal for me good luck and baby dust to all!!!! So my symptoms are totally different to my last 2 children and finding out early is new for me.
The Wandfos are still barely showing a line, even though my blood test is confirmed positive. I started taking Geritol after some research and that convincing motto "There's a baby at the bottom of every bottle." We also followed the SMEP method and used preseed during the fertile window. Each month I would get teased thinking I would get a BFP because my boobs were getting swollen and tender about three days before the witch and I would get really tired.
Will be calling the doctor on Monday to get a blood test!*****If you are just starting of your TTC journey, I recommend not just jumping to OPK's and BBT charting. Mind you, I never had Boob growth or boob tenderness before my menses prior to getting the Mirena so these were new symptoms to me. I learned that I cannot trust my new Menses symptoms because they always lead to the witch and not pregnancy. I also cannot rely on congestion or similar symptoms because I suffer from chronic allergies.
I also started getting tired earlier and had a couple days when I woke up with a headache that lasted all day. I stopped using ovulation strips because of my lost hope and my ovulation hasn't been easy to predict after getting the IUD removed without the strips but it typically occurs day 12. Digi clear blue says 1 to 2 weeks which was spot on as I'm effectively 3 weeks and 2 days from first day of LMP.

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