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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider for your health and pregnancy needs. Also, they allow for intimate contact, so they’re highly erotic as well.Variations of the spooning position allow the woman to move and stimulate the genital organs of the partner, so the blood flow and consequently the sperm count will increase.

Also, these nutrients support the health of the reproductive tract and ensure a higher fertility, thus can contribute to the healthy development of the pregnancy after fertilization.Through their antioxidant effects, beets prevent inflammations and being loaded with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals, they keep infections away, reducing the risks of bad bacteria overgrowth.
As known, bad bacteria can cause increased acidity, so they reduce the lifespan of male sperm inside the vagina.Get That Dream Son You Always Wanted. These foods prevent the acidity that’s usually triggered by red meat and dairy products, so if you’re searching for simple solutions to how to conceive a boy naturally, eating kale more often can be a good strategy.You can mix it with cooked beans and almonds, minced garlic and avocado, in a refreshing veggie dish, or eat it raw in salads.

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