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I wanted to take the time to properly grieve the loss of my unborn child, as well as to make sure that I was mentally and emotionally strong [again] before trying to conceive another baby. A woman is forever changed once she suffers a miscarriage, and subsequent pregnancies are often treated with apprehension and anxiety. I spent the months following my second miscarriage mired in self-hatred, berating my body and focusing on all of the ways it had failed me [and killed two of my babies].
When I hear from someone who has recently suffered a miscarriage, or have readers reach out to me, the one thing I won’t tell them is to try again as soon as possible.
It’s been three months since my last miscarriage, nine months since beginning medication and talk therapy, and I’m feeling better than I can remember.
I think it was just YESTERDAY that I was wondering how things were going for you, so thank you for the update I’ll keep sending you good thoughts, whether or not you decide to try to get pregnant again! Stevens 6 Comments When I shared publicly, about suffering my first miscarriage, I received an outpouring of support and well-meaning advice. The pregnancy following my miscarriage was filled with anxious thoughts of possible loss, and became a self-fulfilling prophecy when I lost that pregnancy in my tenth week. After three months, wallowing in grief and sadness, I finally sought the help of a therapist; I had reached such a low that I didn’t know where else to turn.

My outlook is bright, I’m at peace with my losses, am able to see all of the wonderful things in my life (and not focus on the negatives), and my husband and myself are beginning to embrace the fact that our son may be our only child.
I personally haven’t been through a miscarriage so I have no clue how I personally would have handled it. I had the same reaction when people told me to try again right away because we’re supposedly more fertile after a miscarriage. I began taking different medical prescription for me to get pregnant and to ensure i produce a healthy baby, but all i do did not work out for me. Overwhelmingly, people responded by telling me to try again as soon as possible; they meant well, but somehow I felt that this was bad advice [for me]. In retrospect, I had tried again too soon, and my fragile mental and emotional state quickly deteriorated after suffering a second loss [in six months]. Indeed, I have had many women tell me that they regret getting pregnant so soon after miscarrying, because it caused them to bury their loss[es] with the prospect of a new baby; in fact, many woman, who conceived immediately after miscarrying, have told me that they ended-up having their loss[es] resurface later (as a result of not properly grieving).
So many women are skilled caretakers and nurturers, but rarely treat themselves with such care; this is a time when self-care is of the utmost importance.
I no longer feel rushed in trying to have another pregnancy overshadow any grief, as I have [finally] taken the time to grieve my losses properly.

After a bad experience with a high risk doctor, I decided to go back to my OB to start bloodwork. It didn’t seem right to me so we waited, but like you, 4 months after my first I was pregnant again and miscarried that pregnancy as well. When she's not chasing her precocious preschooler, Lauren pens hilarious and heartwarming stories about her life as a mother, ghostwrites blogs for businesses, and sometimes even finds the time to write a bit of creative non-fiction. Don’t get me wrong, my first thought, after discovering I had suffered a missed miscarriage, was about trying again as soon as possible. I was broken, and my days would get darker before I was able to see the forest for the trees. I know that there are no ‘do-overs’ in life, but I’m extremely grateful to have taken time after miscarrying to find peace and acceptance. After that we waited for 7 months to try again and it was only after we were at that place of contentment with our family of 3.

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