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Whenever a pregnancy is suspected, it is confirmed or ruled out either by a urine test or a blood test.
Another important cause of false-negative test could be variations in the time of ovulation.
False-negative results on a blood pregnancy test may also result due to a 'high-dose hook effect'. Well, I may get things like toothpaste, toothbrushes and gift bags at the dollar store, but a pregnancy test?
When I became pregnant the second time around, I experimented with that dollar store bargain. I had other tell tale signs that I was pregnant, so I decided to give it a shot only 8 days after conception. If you are testing early,you want to look for a test that detects the lowest amount of hCG possible. This simple guide explains the main tests and screenings you'll experience over the next nine months — and the very good reasons you'll want to get each one. However, often a woman may experience many other non-specific symptoms even before missing the menses. Tests for pregnancy are often done for the first time before the expected menses or after missing the period. The answer to this question depends on whether your expected date of menses has passed or not.
I took the test first thing in the morning, and after three short minutes, my suspicions were confirmed. Her love of children blended with writing and socializing came to life, and she feels incredibly lucky to have such a job! In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

The most common ones reported are: breast and nipple enlargement with tenderness, constipation, bloating, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting (although more commonly it occurs later), increased sensitivity to odors, abdominal cramping or pain, headaches and backaches, spotting (due to implantation bleeding), mood swings and aversion to certain foods or beverages.
All these tests are based on detection of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) or its metabolites in either urine or blood.
A late ovulation may occur in some women, and this may delay the detection of hCG in the serum. This may occur especially in molar pregnancy, although more common finding is a falsely low value of hCG rather than a completely negative test.
If you are still awaiting your menses, there is a fair chance that the test could be false negative. She used dollar store tests for her kids and the result was the same it would have been with the more expensive brand. That is why you can get a false negative, you may have too small amount for the test to detect. She has been writing about all things celeb since 2007 and now is shifting her focus on to parenting. It is important to note that it is not necessary that all pregnant women will have all these symptoms. The blood test for hCG or its products is more accurate and can detect much lower levels of hCG as compared to the urine test. The hCG in serum can be detected as early as 8 days after ovulation, although sometimes it may take up to 2 weeks to be detectable, depending upon how much time it takes for the implantation to occur after conception.
Some of the most sensitive blood tests for hCG can detect it as early as one week after conception. However, as the time passes, the likelihood of a negative test being a false-negative is greatly reduced. If you missed your menses just few days ago and the test is negative, take a repeat test after 2-3 days.

A false positive can be cause by the following things: improper testing, hCG therapy, medical conditions, and a faulty test (why I always take two).
Furthermore, many of these overlap with PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), thus are non-specific for pregnancy.
A negative serum hCG test few days after the expected date of menses is extremely unlikely to be false-negative. If you had your menses but still feel pregnant, it would be wise to get a repeat test a couple of days after the menses to be sure that you are not pregnant and the perceived 'menses' was not an implantation bleeding. A negative test one week after missing the menses may warrant investigation for other causes of missed menses.
Urine test has lower sensitivity and has much higher chances of being false-negative even after missing the menses.
The test can be repeated one more time, to rule out the possibility of false negative due to faulty testing (although this is uncommon). You may still feel pregnant even after this repeat test, but it is almost certain that you are not.
The symptoms resulting in 'feeling' pregnant may be due to some other cause(s) and you may need to consult your doctor for this. You may also feel so if you are trying very hard to get pregnant, and find it hard to accept a negative test.

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