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When I first miscarried, I was desperately searching the interwebs for some kind of answers to questions I wasn't even sure what I was asking. I love the idea of your succulent. I didnt do anything for our first baby, or our chemical baby.
Another one was that my friend had messaged me last week that when she miscarried, they let out balloons on the due date and named their angel baby. Like you, prairienights, I initially wasn't sure I wanted to do anything to memorialize our 15 December loss at 8 weeks. I brought the idea up to my husband and mentioned that I don't want a daily reminder, just something so that we acknowledge the passing of our little spirit. I had someone comment to me that it would be a constant reminder of the loss, but for me it would be a reminder that they really aren't that far from me. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.

It is a white dandelion with the little puffs blowing off and 3 little black birds at the end.
I've had 3 miscarriages and wanted this on my nightstand for my little ones who left too soon. But just a physical symbol of our baby that was conceived and that grew and was loved and for a few weeks was alive just like anyone else. It's green (EDD was August which has a green birthstone) and has a lot of inspirational words on it (believe, love, laugh, smile, be free, ect.) I took the outfit my sister had bought for us and all the cards (both congratulatins and sympathy) our friends and family sent us and put them in the memory box.
For now, the tissue just sits buried in the soil in that planter on our back deck, waiting for whatever we decide to plant. Eventually I'll print off all the belly pics I took from the day I  first found out and put them in the box as well. We named the baby Star and both my husband and I have discussed getting shooting star tattoes at some point in our lives.

With the discovery of a new fertility aid, our writer shares her plans to TTC after months of no success How long after miscarriage did you get pregnant?
How do I tell my friends that have either recently miscarried or those who have been trying for years to conceive? Have you got your Pre Pregnancy shape back from your last pregnancy? If you still have your post baby tummy then your stomach muscles may have not healed from your previous pregnancy.

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