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It can take up to two years for a perfectly healthy couple to conceive, so try not to worry too much if you aren’t having any luck getting pregnant before then.
Your age – if you are 35 or over, you are more likely to suffer fertility problems, and this risk increases further once you reach 40.
Your partner’s age – although male fertility decreases later and more slowly than women’s, it could still be the cause of your delayed conception.
Chronic illness – if you suffer from chronic illnesses, you may be more likely to face problems trying to conceive.
If you can, just relax, no stress at work, vitamines (folic acid) and don’t forget that the most important thing for you two is to be together! Every month I was disappointed and it was hard for me to think that every body could make children but us. FYI, I also met with my osteopath the same month to place my organs correctly and I really felt much better the minute I went out of the appointment… Good luck to all of you.
I have been trying with my husband for a few months and every single month it gets harder to deal with the lack of pregnancy. Please do not post comments containing profanity, obscenity, hate speech, defamation, abuse, harassment, or solicitations of any kind.
As each month passes, and another period comes, you’re probably becoming disheartened, but don’t worry because slow conception isn’t always an indication of fertility problems.

Poor diets, unhealthy lifestyle and excessive work stress can all increase the risk of fertility problems. After one year of trying, you can go to see your GP to ask about your options, but they may simply send you away with the advice to keep trying. Enjoy your sex life, try to have sex every few days to maximise your chances of conceiving.
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We will stay focus on the enjoyment of making love and if we are blessed with a child we will be blessed.
At 24 I was told if I wanted children I needed to start trying luckily I’d been with my husband for 5 years by then.
Turns out I have a extremely tilted uterus and apparently that is somewhat normal for someone as tall as I am. I was 28 and my fiance was 37 ( he is a smoker) and I was on pills for couple of years before we decided we want to have a baby. Required fields are marked *Comment We welcome and value your opinions, and encourage you to comment on our blog posts! We ask, however, all users who post in the blog remain courteous, polite, and respectful to other users.

Depending on your age and fertility risk factors, they may agree to perform tests to determine if there are any fertility problems delayed pregnancy.
The ovulation prediction strips available on Amazon are affordable and will give you the 24 hour window of ovulation. If you are over 35, or have a history of polycystic ovaries, you should seek help before one year of trying.
We went for fertility consultations and were told my husband was fine but I would never conceive naturally. I have been getting colposcopies every 6 months for the last couple years (abnormal cells) and my ob never told me. Common Fertility Problems in Women 6 Foods To Eat - Preconception Diet How to Take a Home Pregnancy Test Common Infertility Issues Is Delaying Pregnancy Risky? I will never forget the pain if trying and everywhere I went I saw babies or people who seemingly didn’t care for their children.

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