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The behaviors which are prevented by spaying or neutering the pet before the onset of sexual maturity include spraying and roaming in male cats, marking, roaming and fighting in male dogs and of course the problems associated with female cats and dogs when they go into “heat.”   The problems associated with female dogs and cats going into heat range from annoying (vocalizing in cats or spotting blood in dogs) to dangerous (attracting male dogs resulting in fights), which is why many apartment and subsidized housing managers demand that pets be altered. Some of the challenges to early age spay neuter are farfetched; and some were thought to be valid but have been proven false throughout years of research (such as urinary tract problems in male cats) and some may have validity relative to a particular animal or type of animal (giant breeds of dogs for example).
This question is especially important for those who share their lives with cats.  Cats can actually become pregnant as young as four months of age, having a litter when they are six months old.
Cats are generally recognized as, ‘seasonally polyestrous,’ meaning that they come into a heat cycle again and again during certain times of the year. The age at which dogs begin to come into estrus varies with size and breed, however many dogs can become pregnant at five months. Delaying a spay for your cat or dog can be costly too.  In addition to losing the benefits of preventing mammary tumors and behavior problems that come with spaying before the first estrus cycle, non-productive heat cycles are associated with pyometra, a serious type of uterine infection which can ultimately be fatal to both cats and dogs. The number of unwanted litters which are born as a result of ‘spay delay’ are overwhelming testimony to the fact that incorporating the sterilization into the juvenile wellness healthcare protocol is vital and that the urgency of getting pets altered before the first heat cycle cannot be overstated. Urinary tract infections can be uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous for your dog.  But how do you recognize the early warning signs?UTIs in dogs are more common than you might think. Copyright 2016 Dogs Naturally Magazine Inc.The information in this website is not intended to replace veterinary care.

Giving your dog real beer is bad for their liver but a company called Woof and Brew is making a dog beer! These young animals recover from surgery more quickly than do older ones, they experience less blood loss and far fewer post operative complications than do adult animals and altering animals before the onset of breeding related behaviors (marking, etc), usually prevents these behaviors from starting (it’s easier to avoid problem behaviors than to cure them), a fact which helps the animal keep its home and keeps unwanted future litters from entering the shelter. However, in all cases, delaying the sterilization of dogs and cats as a matter of course, instead of due to a veterinarian’s decision regarding a single case, exposes many, many more animals to cancer, neglect and homelessness than any data can support. The term ‘seasonally’ refers to spring, summer and fall and cats are also ‘induced ovulators,’ all of this put together means that they continually go in and out of heat cycles throughout this time period (spring through fall) until they become pregnant. Those that are not adopted, and that's most of them, either suffer in homelessness or are destroyed in shelters.
Confirm Biosciences is a national provider of diagnostic products for human and animal health and wellness testing.
However the purpose of Dogs Naturally is to show you how important it is to work with a holistic vet. No documented problems make early age sterilization, or sterilization before the first heat cycle, ill advised, especially when contrasted with the significant dangers of mammary tumors, pyometra or the tragedy of homelessness. It has no alcohol, or hops, or carbonation, but it’s otherwise meant to recreate the beer experience as closely as possible in a way that’s safe for the digestive tracts of dogs.

No pet should be adopted out without being altered first; sterilization contracts are difficult to enforce and unaltered animals are less likely to keep their homes than are altered animals due to the breeding related behaviors. Also any accidental escape can result in a pregnancy, unlike a dog that must already be “in heat,” to be at risk of pregnancy when she gets loose.
Unexplained bloodBlood in your dog’s urine is never a good sign, and this symptom can be especially tricky to detect – unless, of course, the urine is on your favorite white carpet.I don’t expect you to crawl around your back yard and inspect every puddle, but be on the lookout whenever possible.
The formula contains barley malt, dandelion, flax, and “chicken flavoring”—like so many good beers.
Sadly, any shelter which releases intact dogs may be the single largest source of homeless dogs in the very community that they serve.

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