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After hesitantly allowing her child to get two guinea pigs, Stephanie Calman finds she finally has someone in the house who eats more often than she does. Recently Lydia said to Peter's sister: "Will you look after us if Daddy and Mummy both die?" "I should think so, yes." "Hooray! By challenging kids to be ‘special ops’ G-Force agents and get their keisters outdoors on missions of sprinkler-dodging, squirt-gun battling, water balloon tossing, belly-crawling and other real-world missions. Piggybacking on the G-Force premiere (pardon the pun) serves Humana’s pilot program’s purpose, while aligning with Disney for guinea pig giveaways gives insta-cred on the parent front as ‘family friendly’ “opps” for getting outdoors. Ongoing prizes: range from sneak peeks of the G-Force film and virtual G-Force holograms, to iPod nanos and the GRAND prize, walking the red carpet at the G-Force premiere in Los Angeles. Yes, I know most prefer kids opt to play outdoors untethered to media whatsoever, and many WILL this summer…but if online kids can be coaxed to engage offline, so much the better, eh? Amy Jussel: So how did this Disney deal come about, and why go to all this work creating a game that ends on June 28?
Humana: Well, we’re always testing pilot programs, so we’re set up for that and this gives us a way to test the relationship with Disney too, tying it to the release of the movie…Working backwards, we needed to allow plenty of time to pick the winner, arrange travel and handle logistics, but yes, hopefully we can port parts of it to the site and learn from the experience. It’s the first time we’ve ever dealt with the whole COPPA compliance issue and double-registration having parents give permissions, validate e-mails and all that, so it’s a learning experience for us. Humana: Right now it’s the honor system, with parents being sent an e-mail when they complete a ‘mission’ in the hopes that will keep kids honest about it knowing they know that. We know active video games like the Wii and exergaming and all that are getting traction, but we really want to figure out how to get them OUTDOORS altogether…bridging from online to OFFline. Humana: No, not UGC exactly, because we’re geared to 7-9 year olds, and don’t want to show faces because of COPPA and such, but we DO have an ‘agent of the week’ that’s audio right now, using the guinea pig avatar and the ‘agent’ telling their own story of what they did on their mission…it’s really cute, you should take a look at it. I’m EQUALLY anxious to hear ‘what’s working’ and if we should continue ‘playing’ in the 3D virtual worlds to embed positive cues and test content (e.g. Say, maybe Disney could partner with the HSUS (Humane Society) to subsidize all the abandoned REAL guinea pigs that will surface when the novelty wears off to signal that live animals are not toys?
Producer Jerry Bruckheimer brings his first 3-D film to the big screen with G-Force, a comedy adventure about the latest evolution of a covert government program to train animals to work in espionage. Check out our Sticky Notes blog for more details and the “official” press release!
We're changing the channel of media and marketing influence toward a healthier worldview for kids! The guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), also called the cavy, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. In Western societies, the guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a household pet since its introduction by European traders in the 16th century.
The common guinea pig was first domesticated as early as 5000 BC for food by tribes in the Andean region of South America (present-day the southern part of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia),[8] some thousands of years after the domestication of the South American camelids.[9] Statues dating from ca.
The scientific name of the common species is Cavia porcellus, with porcellus being Latin for "little pig".
Domesticated guinea pigs thrive in groups of two or more; groups of sows, or groups of one or more sows and a neutered boar are common combinations.
Domestic guinea pigs generally live in cages, although some owners of large numbers of guinea pigs will dedicate entire rooms to their pets. Guinea pigs can learn complex paths to food, and can accurately remember a learned path for months. Guinea pig sight is not as good as a human, but they have a wider range of vision (about 340°) and see in partial color (dichromacy). Bubbling or purring – This sound is made when the guinea pig is enjoying itself, such as when being petted or held. Rumbling – This sound is normally related to dominance within a group, though it can also come as a response being scared or angry. Chutting and whining – These are sounds made in pursuit situations, by the pursuer and pursuee, respectively. Chattering – This sound is made by rapidly gnashing the teeth, and is generally a sign of warning.
Squealing or shrieking – A high-pitched sound of discontent, in response to pain or danger.
Chirping – This less-common sound, likened to bird song, seems to be related to stress, or when a baby guinea pig wants to be fed.
Guinea pigs benefit from feeding on fresh grass hay, such as timothy hay, in addition to food pellets which are often based from timothy. Like humans, but unlike most other mammals, guinea pigs cannot synthesize their own vitamin C and must obtain this vital nutrient from food. Foreign bodies, especially small pieces of hay or straw, can become lodged in the eyes of guinea pigs, resulting in excessive blinking, tearing, and in some cases an opaque film over the eye due to corneal ulcer.[97] Hay or straw dust can also cause sneezing.
Guinea pigs are prey animals whose survival instinct is to mask pain and signs of illness, and many times health problems may not be apparent until a condition is severe or in its advanced stages.
Similar to the inherited genetic diseases of other breeds of animal (such as hip dysplasia in canines), a number of genetic abnormalities of guinea pigs have been reported.

Guinea pigs should be kept in pairs or, preferably groups, unless there is a specific medical condition that requires isolation. Domesticated guinea pigs come in many breeds, which have been developed since their introduction to Europe and North America.
Cavy Clubs and Associations dedicated to the showing and breeding of guinea pigs have been established worldwide. As a result of their widespread popularity in human domestic life, and especially because of their popularity in households with children, guinea pigs have shown a presence in culture and media. The use of guinea pigs in scientific experimentation dates back at least to the 17th century, when the Italian biologists Marcello Malpighi and Carlo Fracassati conducted vivisections of guinea pigs in their examinations of anatomic structures.[118] In 1780, Antoine Lavoisier used a guinea pig in his experiments with the calorimeter, a device used to measure heat production. In English, the term guinea pig is commonly used as a metaphor for a subject of scientific experimentation, or any experiment or test in modern times.
With dark nails, some people claim shining a bright light from underneath will help you locate where the quick is so you can avoid clipping too short.
After 12 years you'd think I'd have this nail trimming thing down to a fine science -- not even close! I recommend a set of baby sized nail clippers to begin (in proportion to tiny little nails) and trim a little bit off each nail in the beginning.
In the event you do trim the nail too short and cut through the bloodline, take a deep breath.
As your piggie gets older you may stick to the two person format, but many owners have been successful using a nice big piece of carrot or another favorite food to distract piggie while getting the job done. Whatever method you find works best for you, stay calm and focused and everything will turn out fine! Heather, an experienced nail clipper, uses the following holds to clip the nails on her pigs' feet.
LS in AK writes, "I've found that a few carefully selected treats shoved in piggy mouths at strategic times (ie when chisel teeth need something more useful to do than aim for my fingers) helps make nail clipping easier, especially when you have a nippy pig. We want to see how and why kids engage, what motivates them, (if it’s Disney, etc.) and add it to our research to refine from there. Obviously, I heard about it from you directly, because I’ve written about Humana’s H4GH before…but what about other people…Is Disney promoting this in their distribution channels, or is Humana testing it with your own 10 mill+ subscribers or what? We also have a pre-post survey on current activity levels, asking kids their favorite games, about the rewards, whether they’d be more likely to see the movie now, that kind of thing. Is it tied to the green-eco theme like a planet patrol kind of thing, or more physical fitness and mental gymnastics like Humana’s other games? Any user generated content where kids upload their own outdoor games or show and tell their missions? HopeLab and Virtual Heroes today announced a collaboration to develop the next version of Re-Mission, our video game for young cancer patients. As an innovation center associate its very fulfilling to see projects I’ve worked on get this kind of attention.
Despite their common name, these animals are not in the pig family, nor are they from Guinea.
Their docile nature, their responsiveness to handling and feeding, and the relative ease of caring for them, continue to make the guinea pig a popular pet. The animals were frequently used as a model organism in the 19th and 20th centuries, resulting in the epithet "guinea pig" for a test subject, but have since been largely replaced by other rodents such as mice and rats. The German word for them is Meerschweinchen, literally "sea piglet", which has been translated into Polish as swinka morska, into Hungarian as tengerimalac and into Russian as морская свинка. They are social, living in the wild in small groups which consist of several females (sows), a male (boar), and the young (which in a break with the preceding porcine nomenclature are called pups). Their strongest problem solving strategy is motion.[57] While guinea pigs can jump small obstacles, they are poor climbers, and are not particularly agile.
An expression of general excitement, it may occur in response to the presence of its owner or to feeding.
They may also make this sound when grooming, crawling around to investigate a new place, or when given food. Unlike the offspring of most other rodents, which are altricial at birth, newborn pups are well-developed with hair, teeth, claws, and partial eyesight;[60] they are immediately mobile, and begin eating solid food immediately, though they continue to suckle. Alfalfa is also a popular food choice; most guinea pigs will eat large amounts of alfalfa when offered it,[83] though there exists some controversy over the feeding of alfalfa to adult guinea pigs. If guinea pigs do not ingest enough vitamin C, they can suffer from potentially fatal scurvy.
While it is normal for guinea pigs to sneeze periodically, frequent sneezing may be a symptom of pneumonia, especially in response to atmospheric changes. Guinea pigs that become familiar with their owner will whistle on the owner's approach; they will also learn to whistle in response to the rustling of plastic bags or the opening of refrigerator doors, where their food is most commonly stored. The American Cavy Breeders Association, an adjunct to the American Rabbit Breeders' Association, is the governing body in the United States and Canada.[107] The British Cavy Council governs cavy clubs in the United Kingdom. Some noted appearances of the animal in literature are The Fairy Caravan, a novel by Beatrix Potter,[110] and Michael Bond's Olga da Polga series for children,[111] both of which feature guinea pigs as the central protagonist. In the TV movie Shredderman Rules, the main character and the main character's crush both have guinea pigs which both play a minor part in the plot.

It does not open as wide as the adjacent guillotine style clipper, though some pet owners prefer them. And according to Deborah's vet, cutting top to bottom (like we cut our own nails) is less likely to pinch.
In fact, I take my piggies to the Vet on a monthly basis to "escape" this stressful pastime! Their small size usually dictates the need for a second person - one to hold firmly and one to trim. Some piggies have clear nails and you will be able to easily see the blood line, others it may not be visible and you will have to guess.
If the nails are left for extended periods of time without attention, the bloodline advances closer to the tip.
She places her pointer finger between the front legs and under the chin to prevent the pig from biting. For the past two months, our daughter has campaigned tirelessly for rabbits, which, after lengthy discussions, I have negotiated down to guinea pigs. We have an ‘old-fashioned’ 4th of July picnic of field games where I run the kids relays and I forget that some of these kids ‘don’t know what to do’ with a three-legged race or whatever because it’s not part of kid culture, so can you give me an example of some of the active games you’re trying to introduce using the OPS outdoor idea? Dare To Compare Gross Out Game for Good Nutrition, riffing on Fear Factor;  Survivor-the lunch table edition (peer relational aggression) Idolized (voting up healthier role models) etc. They originated in the Andes, and earlier studies based on biochemistry and hybridization suggested they are domesticated descendants of a closely related species of cavy such as Cavia aperea, C. Organizations devoted to competitive breeding of guinea pigs have been formed worldwide, and many specialized breeds of guinea pig, with varying coat colors and compositions, are cultivated by breeders.
They are still used in research, primarily as models for human medical conditions such as juvenile diabetes, tuberculosis, scurvy, and pregnancy complications. While courting, a male usually purrs deeply, swaying and circling the female[68] in a behavior called "rumblestrutting".
In geriatric boars or sows (the condition is rarer in young ones), the muscles which allow the softer pellets to be expelled from the anus for consumption can become weak. The most common varieties found in pet stores are the English shorthair (also known as the American), which have a short, smooth coat, and the Abyssinian, whose coat is ruffled with cowlicks, or rosettes. Similar organizations exist in Australia (Australian National Cavy Council)[108] and New Zealand (New Zealand Cavy Club).[109] Each club publishes its own Standard of Perfection and determines which breeds are eligible for showing.
A guinea pig named Rodney, voiced by Chris Rock, was a prominent character in the 1998 film Dr. Little piggie teeth are very sharp so be prepared and perform the procedure in a location where you can put the piggie down quickly to tend to a wound or two!
As your piggie gets older, you can switch to adult nail clippers or get a set of the scissors nail trimmers available in your local pet store. It's always a good idea to have a "styptic pencil" handy (available in the men's shaving area of your local drug store) or aluminum sulfate power (also from the drug store).
She wanted one for her 10th birthday, but apparently guinea pigs get depressed on their own, so it has to be two. And we’re doing it with the support of great partners, including Vivendi, the Annenberg Foundation, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This originally meant "dolphin" and was used because of the animals' grunting sounds (which were felt to be similar).[29] There are however many other, possibly less scientifically based explanations of the German name.
This creates a condition known as anal impaction, which prevents the boar from redigesting cecotropes, though harder pellets may pass through the impacted mass.[82] The condition may be temporarily alleviated by carefully expelling the impacted feces. Also popular among breeders are the Peruvian and the Sheltie (or Silkie), both straight longhair breeds, and the Texel, a curly longhair. Touch the end of the bleeding nail with the pencil or the powder and the bleeding will stop immediately (yes there is a little discomfort to your piggie so be strong). For example, sailing ships stopping to reprovision in the New World would pick up stores of guinea pigs, which provided an easily transportable source of fresh meat. Japanese refer to them as "?????"(marumotto) which sounds very similar to another mountain dwelling rodent, the marmot, though the Japanese spelling differs between the two.
After all, leaving toys and sewing all over the floor is one thing, but guinea pigs can't be trodden underfoot.
While Cleo is innocently contemplating her cucumber chunk, Gemini emerges from the den, vaults up the stairs, shoves her out of the way and makes off with it.
This is surprising, like when a woman in my mother's agoraphobic group was arrested in Ashford town centre for affray. Cleo finds the ramekin, Gemini follows and when I say "No, Gemini!" she goes back into the den.

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