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In week 5, Baby’s still just an embryo, but it’s growing more furiously and changing more rapidly than it will at any other time in its life! On the other hand, if you have been really trying for a long time, you will probably be relieved and hopeful.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I like to think of cervix dilation like opening the door to the womb to allow baby to come out. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy.
Am 38 weeks today, but am having serious headache, carttah and cough and more so, am hving sleepless nights and back pain. Iam 38 weeks today and since yesterday morning I'm having vaginal discharge more than normal, I'm afraid is this normal or not? Women who smoke, drink alcohol (excessively), or take drugs are more likely to have problems in pregnancy, including miscarriage.
When a man learns that there is a child growing inside someone else—that’s a different thing. Normally, your cervix is closed and hard, protecting your uterus from the outside environment.In order for your baby to pass through, your cervix must dilate and thin out completely.

On the flip side, you could have a completely closed cervix and go into labor the same day. You can see in the diagram at the top of this page that on the left the cervix is long and progressively thins and diminishes over time. One hint may come from the size of your baby – boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls. It’s natural for your mind to be racing with happy thoughts and also some concerns: Is it too soon to paint the nursery?
Your levels of HcG, the hormone that plays a crucial role in pregnancy, continue to rise (in early pregnancy the HcG levels double roughly every two to three days until they plateau around 16 weeks) and the amount of blood in your body is actually increasing. Every labor is different.I can't tell you how many times I hear stories about women who get a vaginal exam and end up discouraged that they aren't dilated.
Babies at week 39 weigh between 3kg and 3.2kg and continue to build the fat stores that will help regulate body temperature after birth.
Intrauterine growth of live-born Caucasian infants at sea level: Standards obtained from measurements in 7 dimensions of infants born between 25 and 44 weeks of gestation.
And I called my doctor she asked me to took only paracetamol, plenty fruits and water and rest that the headache will definitely go. An infection (like bacterial vaginosis or a previously unknown problem with the uterus or cervix, can cause miscarriage.

Or, even worse, they are dilated and get their hopes up about going into labor, only to be pregnant a few more days.
If you do decide to get a vaginal exam to find out, try not to put too much faith in the results either way :) You can check out more accurate early labor signs here that will give you a better idea that labor is imminent. Even after your baby is born, it may take a few hours before he establishes a normal breathing pattern. The baby’s spinal cord and brain are beginning to form, as are key organs—including the lungs, liver, and pancreas—and the placenta, which that will supply your baby with oxygen and nourishment. Most white European babies are born with dark blue eyes and their true eye colour – be it brown, green, grey or blue – may not reveal itself for weeks or months. Most babies of African and Asian descent have dark grey or brown eyes at birth, but it won't be clear what precise shade their eyes will be until after the first six months or year.

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