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Brandon Woodard shooting: How do you kill someone on the streets of midtown Manhattan and get away with it? It’s been a year since 31-year-old Brandon Lincoln Woodard was shot in the head at midday on a midtown Manhattan street. 10, 2012, Woodard left a hotel in Midtown, turned onto 58th Street, and was looking at his phone when a man in a hoodie stepped up and shot him once in the head.
Is it really that easy to kill a man in broad daylight in the middle of America’s biggest city and get away with it? He had a history of small-time arrests, and, at the time of his death, police believed he may have been involved in the drug trade.

The shooter got into a waiting Lincoln sedan, and the car was seen entering the Midtown Tunnel a little bit later. They leave physical evidence behind for police to find, or they commit a similar crime later, or they talk about the crime to the wrong people, or their friends talk to the wrong people, and that’s how detectives develop leads that help them solve a case. There were no eyewitnesses to call police with the killers’ descriptions and license plate number. Now, with every month that goes by, the case becomes harder to solve, if only because other, newer cases are taking precedence. In a June New York Times article about the case, an anonymous law enforcement official suggested that Woodard may have incurred the wrath of some violent drug dealers, perhaps over an unpaid debt or a missing shipment.

But logistics dictate that the case is not being worked as actively now as it was last December.

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