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TOOLS & RESOURCES Ovulation Calculator Due Date Calculator Detecting Ovulation Am I Pregnant? POPULAR Crying & Colic Bathing & Body Care Diapering & Bottom Care Childcare Activities & Play Is It Normal? Fingerprints and nails are forming, and eyes and ears move into place so your baby can squint and grimace. Sperm make an impressive journey through a woman's body, and one succeeds in fertilizing the egg. At conception, your baby's DNA is set and most features are determined, including eye color and blood type. A fetus is especially sensitive to nicotine, which can penetrate the placenta and harm its growth. Your baby's heart begins to beat, the head and facial features appear, and the organs settle into place.
Food reaches your developing baby through the umbilical cord after being filtered through the placenta.
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In week 5, Baby’s still just an embryo, but it’s growing more furiously and changing more rapidly than it will at any other time in its life! On the other hand, if you have been really trying for a long time, you will probably be relieved and hopeful. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. There are those stalwart moms-to-be who wait until the first trimester is over—or even until they’ve had their 20-week ultrasounds—before they break the news to friends and family.
The prevailing wisdom is to wait until the end of the first trimester before announcing your pregnancy (a long 12 weeks!). If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time, keeping your good news private can be difficult—if not impossible. You may be doing your best to keep your pregnancy a secret, but friends and family may notice subtle changes in your behavior and your appearance that may reveal your pregnancy.

What you eat: Most women experience some kind of food cravings, especially during the first part of their pregnancies.
What you wear: Your abdomen may be tender, making snug or tight-fitting clothes uncomfortable. Whether you decide to tell your friends and family right away or wait until your pregnancy is further along, spilling the good news is fun.
Going with your partner to her healthcare visits is one of the most important things you can do as an expecting father. Bonding with Baby: Accompanying your wife to her appointments will help you connect to your unborn baby. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Women who smoke, drink alcohol (excessively), or take drugs are more likely to have problems in pregnancy, including miscarriage. When a man learns that there is a child growing inside someone else—that’s a different thing. Your baby is no longer a mass of cells, but he’s looking more and more like a miniature baby-to-be.
Then there are those women who wait with the pregnancy dipstick in one hand and a telephone in the other, ready to call as soon as the at-home test says positive. Miscarriages most often happen during these first few weeks, so many women wait to tell family and friends until the miscarriage risk is minimal. Many couples have voiced their infertility struggles to family and friends who now may be almost as anxious as you are about the results of your test. Friends and family may notice you downing an extra pickle or two at parties or uncharacteristically grabbing a big bowl of potato chips. You may be wearing looser fitting clothes even though your baby bump is weeks away from showing. One theory of why pregnant women’s faces look different to others is that the increased blood flow brings more color into the cheeks. Consider having a video camera ready if you’re doing it in person—or at least a few extra tissues on hand. You don’t have to attend every appointment, but the more you do attend, the better it will be for you, your partner, and your baby.

Seeing your baby in ultrasounds and gaining an understanding of how your little one is growing and developing can help you get used to the idea of having a new baby and set you on the right path for becoming a good father.
It’s natural for your mind to be racing with happy thoughts and also some concerns: Is it too soon to paint the nursery? Your levels of HcG, the hormone that plays a crucial role in pregnancy, continue to rise (in early pregnancy the HcG levels double roughly every two to three days until they plateau around 16 weeks) and the amount of blood in your body is actually increasing. Add to that the increased blood volume in your body which puts more pressure on your heart, causing fatigue. Your partner gets a head start on building a connection because your baby is growing inside of her. The more you get used to making decisions together about your child, the more prepared you will be to continue making those decisions once your newborn arrives. This groundwork is crucial because labor and delivery doesn’t always goes as planned.
An infection (like bacterial vaginosis or a previously unknown problem with the uterus or cervix, can cause miscarriage. Where there once were only stubs, fingers and toes are starting to develop from his arms and legs.
Even early in your pregnancy, breast size increases as your body readies itself for breastfeeding.
The greater blood volume also means you’ll be making more trips to the bathroom as your body tries to filter out impurities in your blood. However, you will need to create a connection with your growing baby, and a big element of that is participating in as much of the pregnancy and delivery process as you can. Ensuring that you have an established relationship with the healthcare provider will help you effectively act as your partner’s advocate throughout labor and delivery. The baby’s spinal cord and brain are beginning to form, as are key organs—including the lungs, liver, and pancreas—and the placenta, which that will supply your baby with oxygen and nourishment.

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