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Our reliable friend over at The Ashley broke the news that Lori is midway through her pregnancy. On 16 & Pregnant, viewers watched as 17-year-old Lori chose an open adoption for her baby, Aiden. In need of a drastic change by the age of 19, Lori decided to enroll in a wilderness-based therapy program in West Virginia. Following the program, Lori moved out on her own, began taking college courses and started working at a nearby nursing home.
One thing I always have to remind myself upon hearing that girls from 16 & Pregnant are pregnant again is that many of them are now in their early 20s with educations and stable lives. You say theydontknow nothing about you, but yet you are judging Lori& you know NOTHING about her. I’ll never forget seeing her about two years ago on Thanksgiving at the local Cracker Barrel. After I had my son at 16, I went on the Mirena IUD, and did not get pregnant or even have a scare once during the 5 years I had it in. Starcasm, speaking about 16 and Pregnant girls, do you know if Nikkole Paulun had her 2nd baby?
This is pretty predictable and I suspect it’s her way of coping with an adoption she never wanted. VIDEO Kail Lowry reveals why she and Javi split upFor Kail Lowry’s preview video, we have another clip of her and deployed husband Javi Marroquin talking via FaceTime. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian reality show is confirmedKeeping Up With The Kardashians is bound to hold the world record for most spin-off series in realty TV history, and, earlier today, the family officially announced yet another, starring Rob Kardashian and his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna!
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The question of the year… did the teen heart throb Justin Bieber and Disney star Selena Gomez really got pregnant??
Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital because of nausea and which raised a suspicion and everybody thought she might be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s kid.

Lori is reportedly also planning a wedding to fiance Joey, whom she began dating last January. The live-in facility required Lori how to manage money, do chores, work, cook and pursue an education. That certainly sounds to be the case with Lori… Congratulations to her and her fiance on this exciting experience! I didn’t care for here parents on the show but they were very willing to pay for private school and college. It is considered 99.7% effective, and even lightens or stops your period, and is pretty much a fool-proof way to prevent pregnancy, as you have it inserted by a medical professional, and can leave it in for up to 5 years.
I found it really hard to watch her be told she would make a terrible mother and no one tried to help equip her with the skills she would’ve needed to parent. This American singer and actress starred in many hit Disney series and have delivered quite a lot of hit songs and albums. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had been going on and off for quite some time and then finally broke up after two years of dating. Gomez had fans worried on May 22 when she revealed that she had to cancel a live VEVO UK Twitter chat with fans because she wasn’t feeling well!
Not yet, but the singer is at the very least ready to move out of her family’s house. She also had the opportunity to work with a life coach, who helped her realize her potential. I think the issue here is she made the mistake AGAIN with a guy she has not been dating for very long. I don’t know if she has a twitter and all that junk, but fans can also view her life through those mediums.
These days, there really is no excuse for unplanned pregnancies, particularly if you have already had one in the past.
With a global fan base, termed as “Beliebers”, and over 40 million followers on Twitter, he was named by Forbes magazine in 2012 as the third-most powerful celebrity in the world.

Gomez and Bieber were this cut couple sneaking around, having fun… you know the “dream couple”. Gomez, who like every big diva has had to face pregnancy rumors, clearly doesn’t seem pregnant.
They did a great job of making her understand that her choices had consequences, too (I don’t agree with those who think they were mean. It’s just odd, she posted pics all throughout her pregnancy on there and now nothing. Selena even got death threats for dating Justin but that didn’t seem to bother them at all. Selena hinted that Bieber’s huge ego was the main reason behind their break up while Justin didn’t gave away any reaction.
Gomez, who’s on again and off again relationship with Justin Bieber continues to be the talk of the 2013 dating rumor mill, Gomez did reveal that she would likely step away from her career once it comes time to have a family. And coming from two people that can’t even put their real names in their posts, hmm, sounds REALLY mature of you two.
The question that popped out of nowhere just after this young power couple broke was that did Justin and Selena get pregnant?
Gomez cancelling a concert, having the chills, and most importantly being seen in public again with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber? Adding to the rumor is the fact that Selena turned down alcohol while hanging out with the 14-year-old Jaden Smith recently.

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