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Gubanova has been posting pictures of her hair on Instagram for just over a year, and her 125,000 followers can’t get enough of it. After 13 years of dedicated hard work, Gubanova boasts a shiny river — nay, AMAZON — of surprisingly healthy-looking hair. While her long locks provide ample resources for fancy braids and updos, Gubanova seems to favour three styles: straight, a traditional braid, or slightly kinked.

Unsurprisingly, her hair is sparking plenty of jealousy. Presumably, hundreds of her followers are regretting the on-trend lob they just had cut. However, a common question posted on her photos is why Gubanova has not done something charitable with all that hair of hers.
This post is for those who say that I should donate their hair for wigs… In 14 years, I cut a scythe.

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