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Being in love can be the most amazing feeling ever, but there comes a time when you guys just don’t see eye to eye. Remember that the more complete your profile is the more likely you are to get that opportunity. You have to let it all out girlfriend, not in front of him of course we don’t want him to think he made a right choice by dumping you. While at it imagine you are yourself breaking his leg or crushing that adorable face he has.

Dress to kill and make his current girlfriend insecure, well that’s if he left you for someone else though. Delete everything on your phone from the sms’s to the photos that reminds you of him. Of course you don’t have to throw the jewellery he bought you, sell it and get yourself extra cash. If you don’t want to delete then get your friend to secretly replace his number with hers.

That way when you reach for your phone and drunk dial, you will indirectly phone your besty, whom will tell make you feel better.
If you didn’t get a chance to do so because he caught you by surprise, you can try the following.

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