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As the uterus expands during pregnancy, it pushes the stomach upwards in order to accumulate the ever growing fetus. Eating small, frequent meals, chewing slowly on small morsels, eating meals which are low on spice, especially chilies and peppers are eating methods that need to be practiced during the entire phase of pregnancy. Due to the different tolerance levels in our bodies, some food may appear too acidic or gassy for some women, and perfectly alright for the rest. Sipping coconut water when you suffer with heartburn during pregnancy can be very helpful as coconut water has acid neutralizing properties. Almonds are rich in certain fats and oils which work as a neutralizing agent for acids in your stomach.
A table spoon of honey mixed with a cold glass of milk is a magical remedy for treating heartburn. Fruits like pineapple, papaya, bananas and avocados contain abundance of natural enzymes that enhance the stomach’s ability to digest food.
Fennel seeds have been used in Ayurveda for centuries for their ability to aid digestion and soothe problems related to improper digestion of food, like GERD and heartburn.
Foods like kim chi, yogurt,  raw sauerkraut, etc are high on enzymes and good bacteria and are very helpful in managing heart burn issues during pregnancy. Though the bentonite clay finds most uses in the cosmetic world, drinking a concoction of 1 – 2 ts of bentonite clay mixed with 8 0 19 ounces of water through the day can help relieve heartburn dramatically. Remedies for heartburn during pregnancy are very simple, but it is vital to consult your doctor prior to the trial of any of these remedies. A Jill-of-all-trades, Lillian Downey is a certified Responsible Sexuality Educator, certified clinical phlebotomist and a certified non-profit administrator.
A sore throat isn't something you want to deal with during pregnancy, especially if you're uncomfortable to begin with. Add a humidifier to your bedroom or living room if you suffer from chronic sore or dry throats. Mix one tablespoon of salt into a pint of warm water and gargle it several times per day to hydrate membranes in the throat and soothe irritation. Suck on hard candy or cough drops, says the "Doctor's Book of Home Remedies." Sucking on these items doesn't work by helping your throat, but rather, by increasing the saliva in your mouth. More than half of pregnant women population encounter these symptoms during early pregnancy.
This is because, the very smell of citrus helps bringing down the gloomy feeling of nausea.

So much that there are myths around them, quoting that the stronger your heartburn during pregnancy is, the better will be the hair growth of the new born. This condensation of the stomach against the esophagus causes the contents of the stomach to move up in to esophagus.
Also, make sure to consume foods that are less acidic, and try to eat your meals on time, preferably on a regular pattern or schedule.
Having a handful of these almonds on and off during pregnancy can help the expectant mother deal with heartburn issues, and also improve her nutrition (and of course her baby’s too!). However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you consult your doctor before consuming any Aloe vera products as they can be unsafe for some types of pregnancies. This concoction aids better digestion and avoids the build up of excessive acids in the stomach. Frequent consumption of these fruits can help in decreasing the frequency and chances of heartburn flaring up during pregnancy. Consumption of ginger can be in either raw form, wherein you can take an inch long piece of ginger and chew on it, or add it into your foods or tea. It is paramount that a pregnant woman drinks plenty of water along with this concoction to dilute and flush the clay down the esophagus. It's best to avoid medications unless your sore throat is severe and the medications are on the list of those safe for use during pregnancy. The moist air helps keep your mucous membranes moist, according to The Mayo Clinic, which can reduce and prevent symptoms. Lemon, according to the Mayo Clinic, helps break up the mucous that's contributing to your sore throat. While some continue to have throughout their pregnancy, some never experience these at all anytime during their pregnancy. And, if you are longing to see the beautiful smile of a little angel, then you certainly wouldn’t mind pains and irritations.
It contains phenols which acts as a sedative on irritated stomach tissue, thus reducing over activity of the stomach.
Keeping a pinch of cardamom in your mouth, without chewing or swallowing, can reduce the murky feeling of nausea.
Pregnancy and having a growing foetus inside your womb give you an immense pleasure and a lasting memory. But of course, heartburn during pregnancy can be a nasty thing to deal with. Heartburn does not really cause any harm, but it can be a very uncomfortable experience for as long as you have it.

Do bear in mind that consumption of heavy meals, eating in haste, having large, improperly chewed morsels will only aggravate the situation of heartburn during pregnancy. Just because your pregnant friend is intolerant to it, doesn’t mean that you will be too. Bentonite clay has absorbing properties that enable it to absorb all the excesses of acids, hormones, etc from the body. She believes in the "work hard and party harder" philosophy, and makes sure she has enough opportunities to unwind. You can treat mild sore throats at home with natural remedies like tea and soothing gargles. Thomas Gossel, professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Ohio Northern University and contributor to "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies," salt water that closely matches our body's own saline content is a useful remedy for sore throats.
According to the Mayo Clinic, mucous production leeches additional fluids from your body that need to be replaced. It also helps in eliminating toxin which you have taken in along with your food and helps digested food quickly move through your system, thus throwing out the bad stuff from your body and absorbing good stuff quickly, to give nourishment to you and your baby.
Identifying and then evading consumption of those triggers will certainly be a boon in dealing with heartburn during pregnancy. This drink also has a very refreshing taste and is likely to enlighten the mood of the consumer as well. Apart from this, she is a social media freak and survives on the love of her supporting husband and super naughty twin boys. Honey and lemon together can ease your pain temporarily, but it can be drunk several times per day if your symptoms persist. Try relishing a hot cup of ginger tea in the morning as the best way to calm an upset stomach.
Kheer could be a good source of calcium and carbohydrate which are required in high quantity during pregnancy.
Half boiled rice water contains demulcent properties which can help your irritated stomach muscles to relax.

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