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Enduring a high-risk pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience of stress, fear and unknowns, leading to more questions than answers. Knowing those feelings all too well, research scientist Kelly Whitehead wrote High-Risk Pregnancy – Why Me? The book is both a medical reference and provides emotional support for mothers-to-be, with Whitehead providing answers in layman’s terms to the myriad medical questions families have. Kelly Whitehead is a microbiologist who has worked in research and development for more than a decade. I had a high risk pregnancy with my last child if was really hard to deal with because I had a 2 and 3 yr old to take care of and hubby wasn’t always there to help obviously someone has to work, this is a really great article though! Whitehead also shares coping strategies she discovered, along with what she’s learned through benefit of hindsight, and insights from other mothers.

Say goodbye to guilt – this is not your fault!  It’s okay to be bitter, angry and upset at the world, and to hate “normal” pregnant women, but it isn’t going to change anything. Don’t go reading about every other possible scenario out there; you don’t need to worry about problems that aren’t a likely issue for you.
It may sometimes feel as though people have forgotten about you, but the reality is they’re busy and they have no idea what’s it’s like for you. Despite that, every year, about 500,000 newborns – one of every eight – arrive too early, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Do the normal prego things, even if you have to modify them: Shop online, get a belly cast, shoot expanding-belly photos, and savor those kicks and body changes. Don’t forget or stop dreaming about the actual birth and your desires for what it will be like.

During her next pregnancy, she spent 4? months in bed worrying over and trying to protect her daughter.
Rather than enjoying the pregnancy, I kept focused on the end and my hope she would survive.

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