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Thanks to some crazy stuff at the beginning of my pregnancy, I started showing rather early but, due to complications, wasn’t ready to talk about it.
I tend to favor looser or oversized tops anyway so I had some pieces in my closet to work with.
A dark color on top and an eye-catching print elsewhere (like in a skirt, pants, shoes, or scarf) can help to camouflage your growing belly (mine’s a bit more obvious now but it did the trick through the first trimester and into the second!). Obviously, stay away from fitted tees — unless you want them to make your announcement for you! Read more of Kayla’s writing at Freckles in April OR catch all her Babble posts by subscribing to her once-weekly email! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. February 27, 2014 By: AnnecommentSome women announce their pregnancy the moment they find out they are expecting, while other women may or may not want to share the news right away but decide to keep it a secret for a period of time. April 13, 2015 By: AnnecommentOnce you are ready to announce your pregnancy to other people, there are lots of different ways to go about doing it.
March 2, 2014 By: AnnecommentWhen it comes to hiding your pregnancy from other people, the way you dress plays a very important role in whether people discover your secret.
Gorgeous and super funny actress Olivia is pregnant of her second and has a very excited new project. Senior EditorAs a Senior Editor of Pret a Pregnant, The Mom & The Dad, Muriel knows all ins and outs about the fashion and kids industry. My husband and I just found out we are pregnant, but are waiting to tell everyone until the 3-month mark, due to health concerns and for our sanity’s sake. Doctors assumed that a teen's painfully bloated belly was the result of an unplanned pregnancy, until they took a look at her scans.

AdvertisementWhen Olivia Key first visited her doctor with a painfully bloated belly, she was immediately told that she had to be pregnant. As it turns out, Olivia wasn’t pregnant at all—she had a tumor in her left ovary, surrounded by a massive cyst.
When doctors took a look at her scans, they were floored to find that Olivia’s ovarian cyst had grown to the size of a watermelon. Fortunately, after removing both the tumor and the 30-cm cyst, doctors told Olivia that the cancer had not spread.
Just a few weeks after the life-changing surgery, Olivia was already back in action, doing sports and going on long hikes with all her friends.
Although doctors had to remove a tumor and a huge cyst from her ovary, Olivia’s fertility was in no way affected by the surgery. Plus this is my third rodeo … my body knows what to do by now and started blumping (bloating + bumping) out really early.
Hiding a baby bump isn’t too difficult in the winter when bulky sweaters and layering make it easy to camouflage your midsection.
Plus, this top came with back ties that nip it in right below my bust, which is currently the thinnest part of my body. Busy and distracting prints keep the eye more focused on the pattern and less focused on the shape under the pattern.
A casually draped scarf or a loose vest are great for providing a little extra protection from inquisitive eyes before you’re ready to share your news. That means the average woman will only need to wear maternity clothing for approximately 5-6 months including some time after giving birth to the baby.
If you are like most women you have probably taken more than one pregnancy test and even though they have all come back positive the fact that you are pregnant hasn’t quite set in with you yet.

While I ultimately decided to just tell my family and close friends more or less immediately, mostly because I am incapable of keeping a secret, I wanted to wait to announce my pregnancy on my site because I knew that if anything went wrong it wasn’t something I would likely want to talk about right away. So while late winter is definitely an easier time to hide a pregnancy, still: it was a challenge.
I use that one a lot when I simply don’t feel like drinking but want to avoid the nagging. My husband and I just found out we are expecting (like 4 days ago found out) and I’m going bonkers about having to attend a bachelorette party this wknd in the city of a dear friend of mine. Richard Hutson, the gynecological oncologist who performed Olivia’s emergency surgery, soon had even more incredible news for the teen.
This left me in the rather awkward position of trying to dress an obviously pregnant body that I was not at all ready to show the world.
On Instagram she shared some on set pics including a pic of herself hiding her bump underneath a couch pillow. Here are four tips I made good use of for the first few months of this pregnancy until we were comfortable sharing the news about our little girl. Paired with cutoffs, sandals, and a hat (no chloasma for me, please) it has become one of my favorite pieces for summer.

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