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The first couple of weeks are usually accompanied with nausea and stress, and it’s only logical to soothe your condition with an organic product instead of a pharmaceutical drug. There is a strong possibility that the psychoactive chemicals present in high potent weed available today can have a negative effective on the development of the embryos brain.
Keyword being may, but still, if there is even the slightest chance of the baby being affected buy it – nobody at their right mind should be smoking it during pregnancy.Marijuana Became Too PotentBack when cannabis was acceptable to smoke by pregnant women (somewhere around the time Dr. You didn’t have Super Lemon Haze available on the shelves with its 23% of THC, there was no newbie vs. However, with bioengineering came hardcore strains and that’s what researchers claim might present a problem to pregnant women around the world.Synthetic CannabisFurthermore, as a byproduct of cannabis enhancement, synthetic cannabis called Spice was born. This is a product that doesn’t contain any THC but merely mimics the effects of marijuana by inducing light-headedness and somewhat replicates the high that you get from smoking low potent marijuana.

It contains no medical benefits and it can have negative effects if consumed in higher doses (those effects being nausea and vomiting).
Still, as with high potent marijuana, Spice can have the same negative effects on the embryo’s brain in those early stages of development when the mother may not even be aware of her pregnancy. Do not take Spice during pregnancy!Studies Became OutdatedThe thing is, most studies that suggested cannabis is safe to consume during pregnancy came out between 1960’s and 1997.
From 1997 onwards, highly potent cannabis strains emerged and the number of studies that dealt with the effects cannabis can have on pregnant women and embryos rapidly decreased.
Some of it sounds a bit far fetched (such as depression and stress, which can both be symptoms that don’t necessarily need to be directly associated with cannabis use) but others present a serious health risk.Do you think women should smoke, vaporize or consume marijuana during pregnancy?
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