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Time to get out some pictures or videos of your child at 1 or 2 and compare how much bigger and stronger she is now. Bedtime fears are common for preschoolers, but children can be frightened of all sorts of things. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you want to get pregnant, but are still on birth control, you will need to discontinue using your contraceptive method. IUD is an intrauterine device that is inserted into the uterus to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Many women are concerned whether having an IUD will affect their chances for conception later. It is also believed that IUD can cause pelvic inflammatory disease(PID), which is one of the main causes of female infertility. Also many specialists do not usually recommend young women to use IUD birth control, especially if they have multiple sex partners.
If you are trying to conceive and have an IUD, you will need to remove it before getting pregnant. Most specialists recommend waiting two or three months after IUD removal before trying to conceive. Inserted into the Uterus, it acts to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg and result in the sperm being ineffective.
It is an extremely good option for women as it lasts for a long time, can be easily removed, and it is very safe.

Avoid use if you are susceptible to pelvic infections, kidney infections, or urinary tract infections. Typically, a women’s fertility will be the same as it was before the IUD was implanted. When the Copper IUD is placed – immediate effectiveness of the contraception is seen. Potential side effects of the Mirena IUD are irregular bleeding, especially for the first three to six months.
The copper IUD (Paraguard) works the same way as the Mirena, but it is made of copper, doesn’t contain hormones, and is meant to stay in place for up to 10 years. Remember that IUDs do not prevent against sexually transmitted infections and should not be placed if you are at high risk of developing or currently have a pelvic infection.
But scarry, I'll be getting Paraguard too and not even thinking of another child for many many many years! Many women, who use long-term birth control methods such as an IUD wonder if it can affect their fertility and when to remove an IUD before getting pregnant? The recent studies show that the process of insertion of the IUD can slightly increase the risk of the pelvic inflammatory disease, but the risk is more linked to having an STD.
Many studies say that women, having an IUD removed, can get pregnant as quickly as women, who do not use birth control. If this does not happen, you will need to consult your doctor, because it may indicate a medical problem.
It is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is inserted and left inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Copper IUD prevents pregnancy by enabling the sperm from moving towards the egg as well as making implantation impossible. Normally, fertility returns within few months after IUD removal and depend on other factors that may affect your chances to conceive. This will help the uterine lining to get back to its usual thickness and your your body eliminate the hormones from Mirena or copper from copper IUD. The IUD can be used by women of all ages, including teenagers and those who have never had children. So this is a warning that pregnancies do happen with IUDS, but i am so very greatful and blessed ! Mirena contains levonorgestrel, the hormone that is released into the body, preventing ovulation, reducing the development of the proper thickness of the uterus and making it hard for the sperm to reach the egg. DERRICK OUR LITTLE MIRACLE IS NOW 2 AND A HALF AND PERFECTLY HEALTHY, HAPPY and a HANDFUL!!!! I just read all the loving, thoughtful comments and I must say I am so happy that I was able to give hope to those of you that have recently found out that your pregnant and I wish you all the best.
Knowing you've given birth to a perfecy healthy baby gave me so much hope concering my situation.

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