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By the time the end of the week rolls around I am inevitably running low on fresh ingredients and running out of ideas for dinner. Cantry Thursdays aim to address the problem of what to make for dinner at the end of the week. People who frequently eat canned foods may have healthier diets than people who don?t. An analysis of NPD data shows that adults and children who ate 6+ canned food items over two weeks were more likely to meet or exceed their recommended daily allowance for 17 essential nutrients than those who ate 1-2 canned food items over the same two-week period. Canned produce is on par nutritionally with fresh and frozen varieties, and in some cases even better. Studies conducted by researchers at Michigan State University, UC Davis and Oregon State University all concluded that canned foods have similar (or better) nutritional profiles as their fresh or frozen counterparts.
Let’s combine the ease of using your slow cooker with the convenience of cooking with canned foods and create an amazing, mouthwatering chicken tortilla soup recipe that will satisfy your cravings! Visit Cans Get You Cooking for everything from delicious recipes to sustainability information.
I’m working on building my pantry up with staples, so appreciate your list of things to keep in your pantry!

I love this Mexican themed soup, this is something I will surely have to make for my family!
This healthy chicken tortilla soup slow cooker recipe is one of my absolute favorites and is perfect for when you are cooking from your pantry ingredients! I like to stock up and always have staples in the house so even when I run out of fresh ingredients I can continue to prepare healthy meals for my family without having to run to the store.
Inevitably by Thursday we are usually out of fresh ingredients and it’s time to get cooking from the pantry instead of running to the store!
This is definitely my favorite soup and I can eat it for days! I usually make a double or triple batch and freeze the rest in individual portions. The next time I get some chicken I’m going to pop these ingredients into the crock pot early in the morning! I can’t wait to try it out for myself since I ended up getting a slow cooker for Christmas.

It’s made primarily of canned ingredients so there are no fresh ingredients required really. We live in the country so a trip to the store and back takes an hour and that’s not including the time spent at the store so I have good reason to keep a well stocked pantry. February is National Canned Food Month so what better time than now to join in on the weekly challenge? This soup is amazingly flavorful and it’s even healthy for you compared to other chicken tortilla soup recipes out there! I just love how nicely it shreds, rather than cubing it at the beginning. Serve hot and top with tortilla strips and shredded cheese.

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