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Keeping your kids well hydrated during summer vacations is one of the best ways to keep them from ill health. Plain drinking Water will go a long way in keeping your child healthy this summer as it helps to detoxify the body by flushing out the toxins and waste materials; it also helps to improve the body’s metabolism, aids the digestion process, regulates the body temperature and helps improve the blood circulation! Another way to keep your child well hydrated during vacations is to make them drink coconut water, as its electrolytic balance is the same as our blood, drinking coconut water is important during summers as the body loses a lot of electrolytes in the form of sweat and urine, which need to be replaced for the body’s normal functioning.
After a whole day of playing outside, children tend to become dirty with dirt, mud and grime clinging on to their hands, feet, nails and the rest of the body. Ask them to wash their hands frequently, especially during vacations to ensure that the bacteria and germs sticking to their hands don’t enter their stomachs when they eat. Getting injured while playing is a common thing, however during summer vacations prompt cleaning and proper treatment of the playground wounds and scrapes goes a long way in avoiding infections. The hot temperature of the summer season promotes a moist environment around the wound, ideal for the growth of harmful bacteria, which can lead to infections and the following fevers and chills, making the prompt and proper cleaning and treatment of your child’s wounds a necessity in summers. With children preferring to be outdoors more than ever during summers, they are bound to burn more calories, use and need more energy and feel more tired at the end of the day! Home cooked food not only assures you, as a parent, of the hygiene factor which is found sorely lacking when it comes to junk food but also of the nutritional content of the food. Home cooked food comes packed with the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed by your child during the energy sapping summer days.
Sleep is a physiological function that is important from the human body’s point of view as it helps the body to rejuvenate. A very common myth that still runs strong today is that eating or drinking cold products, cools down the body during summers.
Similarly even cold drinks cool the body down only for a little while the calories and additives only serve to up the unhealthy quotient of cold drinks, when it comes to your children. Summers provide for an environment which makes your child sweat profusely meaning a direct loss of fluids from the body, this along with a hot and humid atmosphere paves the way for a heat stroke or dehydration!
Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your kids if they are planning on an extended session outdoors during the daytime during summers.

While the above mentioned are some simple and easy to put into practice tips on how to keep your children healthy during summer, you must also take into consideration other children’ health and keep your child from attending school if he has a cough, cold or fever.
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A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Ensure that your child drinks atleast 1 liter water per day to keep him well hydrated and healthy.

This dirt can be transmitted to their stomachs via their own fingers, if they proceed to eat food without washing their hands.
If possible, have your child carry a hand sanitizer with them to get rid of the dirt lining his hands. Junk food – a huge favorite with children is just not going to be enough when it comes to supplying them with the needed nutrition. Remember to add plenty of whole grains, fruits with high water content to their diet and vegetables such as the Bhindi, karela, Kaddu, brinjal, lauki, peas and mint. Sleep helps the body to revitalize and repair the damage done to the cells and tissues in the day, in fact a lack of sleep can induce fatigue, poor memory and concentration issues in the individual!
Moreover sleep is also known to fasten the healing process of wounds, so more the hours of sleep, better the chances of that niggling bruise healing quickly! But what actually happens is that ice cream laden with unhealthy fats and calories not only increases your child weight but also increases their body temperatures! While hydrating your child takes care of dehydration, proper clothing along with ample intake of water takes care of the heat stroke. Teach your child to sneeze, blow his or her nose and cough in a handkerchief to keep his infection from spreading to others. Studies show snacks, like nuts, milk and even a bit of dark chocolate can help reduce cortisol levels and anxiety, and increase feel-good serotonin levels, making test taking feel like a breeze.
With vacations being a time where children are meant to have fun and not worry about school and home work, parents have a hard time keeping their young ones away from ill health.
In fact keeping your children healthy during vacations is a quite simple task given that you follow some simple and easy to practice methods.

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