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Instead of choosing the easy and fun junk food this pregnancy, reach for some of these healthy choices. I decided to investigate the world of mommy blogging in 2011, when I became pregnant with my daughter Ava.
Whether they are already overweight, or simply fighting the battle of cravings, it can be tough to maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy.
If you are looking for a bit of extra protein or fiber in your diet beans are a great choice.
Whether you are having a fresh fruit smoothie, or a smoothie packed full of spinach, kale and greens you have made a great choice.

Not only are they sure to satisfy your craving, they will give you the extra 300-500 calories a day you need. Smoothies are often packed full of nutrients in a creamy blend that satisfies your need for a treat, with ease of drinking on the go. Talk to your doctor about what is a reasonable amount of weight to gain during your pregnancy and make great choices with food that will feed you and your baby. Choosing good foods to keep you and your baby healthy will help you keep the extra pounds off while keeping your cravings in check. Chickpeas or black beans ground into a tasty hummus dip with fresh veggies is another option for a quick, easy and healthy snack that packs a good amount of needed calories.

Not only are the full of protein, they are great source of fats your body needs at this time.

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