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In some every shocking and surprising news, the legendary musician Prince has died at just 57 years old.
Chrissy Teigen and hubby and musician John Legend are ecstatic over the birth of their daughter Luna Simone Stephens. In some very shocking news, Janet Jackson announced Wednesday morning that she is expecting her first child.
Just days after announcing her second pregnancy, Tamera Mowry has just unveiled the sex of her unborn child. She also took to her social sharing account, Instagram, to unveil the below image while getting emotional with her fellow co-hosts.
Mowry also recently unveiled the below image of son, Aden, alongside a sign indicating the expected due date, or month rather, of her daughter.

And here’s the trio posing during their family holiday photo shoot several weeks ago.
Check out the below clip of Mowry getting the exciting news from her husband about the sex of their child.
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It is the cheap wonder drug which is thought to prevent cancer, ward off heart disease and lower the risk of a stroke but now aspirin may also boost fertility, scientists believe. It is thought that aspirin targets inflammation in the body, providing a safer environment for a growing embryo. Consultant Gynaecologist Dr Stuart Lavery of Imperial College said there was good underlying science to suggest a link between inflammation in the body and fertility, which aspirin may help.

The actress and her news correspondent hubby, Adam Housley, is expecting their second child and first daughter this July.
Adam told me the gender of our baby today while taping #TheReal and I was so surprised and excited!! Their chance of giving birth to a healthy baby also rose from 46 to 55 per cent, an overall rise of nearly 20 per cent.

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