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Tags: r, kelly, having, a, baby, download, Simplify your life with cloth diapers at Kelly Closet! Robert Sylvester (born January 8, 1967), [8] known professionally Kelly, an American recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and welcome celebug! This entry was posted in Featured, Music News and tagged half on a baby, MindBender Entertainment, r., r. Kelly Clarkson is expecting a baby girl!The pregnant singer announced the exciting news on her Twitter Monday morning, writing, "We just found out we're having a girl officially! She also shared a snapshot of her walking with her two dogs a few days before that and tweeted, "Didn't throw up once from pregnancy while walking my dogs #smallvictory #TMI"She also recently stopped by the Today show and opened up to Savannah Guthrie about her struggles with being sick throughout her pregnancy."I don't know why they call it morning sickness because it's like all day and all night," she said while laughing.

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Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. 12, she said, "Ladies if you r pregnant & sick as a dog trust me when I say the one thing u will keep down might just be "baked potatoes" #godblesspotatoes"Sounds like some sage advice!
I'm manifesting it, she told Parade magazine in late November."And when I have a girl, you're gonna be like, 'That chick knew it!'"Wow, clearly Clarkson's female intuition is on point!

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