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August 4, 2011 Fitness, kettlebells, RKC Preparation, strength training, Women's Health, Workouts 4 CommentsI briefly mentioned that my husband designed my current workout program for me when I announced that I signed up for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop (HKC) on September 11 in Connecticut.
I have been doing the workout below for 4 weeks and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am incredibly impressed with the progress I have made so far. Not that I had any doubts, but I guess this guy, Mike Perry, is onto something when it comes to getting people strong.
After giving birth I spent the first 6 weeks or so doing general workouts and trying to get my fitness back a bit. Stay tuned for my 2 month progress post on banishing the baby bulge (see month 1 post here).
For additional information please check out the frequently asked questions section or call me for a free consultation.
Perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, and others. I work with an incredible group of women in the community to provide referrals to alternate services when necessary.
Some benefit plans accommodate the costs associated with the use of doula within the extended benefits coverage.
I am a proud member of DONA International, BC Doula Services Association, and La Leche League.
I found Michelle to be supportive, calming, and very informative.A  I appreciated that there was no pressure for me to experience giving birth in any particular way - this had been one of my biggest concerns. When asked later about my thoughts on having a doula, the biggest thing that came to mind was the reassurance I felt from having her with us.A  IA would gladly recommend Michelle to others considering a doula! I had never heard much about Doula's, I knew of midwifes and I assumed they were one in the same. Michelle Dennill is an amazing, very knowledgeable, and caring doula, who will more than exceed your expectations!
She gave me great resources from pre-natal yoga, baby slings, Lamaze contacts, videos and more! My husband was very thankful to have Michelle with us as she would spell him off during the long nights. Michelle was wonderful during the birth of our second child -- warm, compassionate, professional and informative. Please ensure you read our a€?terms and conditionsa€™ page before booking your table with us. I gave an example of one of my three workouts in my post about working out after you have a baby.
Once I had my 6 week checkup, I reached out for help because I wanted to get strong, like really strong. Just this morning I was trying to finish my last set of deadlifts and had to have a serious pep talk with myself in order to finish.
It’s possible to get strong quite fast when you make sure you take rest days and challenge yourself during every workout.
It’s been 2 months today since this little guy was born and I have new photos, measurements and bodyweight updates to share with you all. I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will speak on your behalf to the clinical staff. I will work with you to define your birth expectations and provide resources to support you. I provide birth preparation, labour support, childbirth education and breastfeeding counseling.
Since I was moving to BC only two months before my due date, I decided to hire a doula in the area while still in my hometown of Calgary.

I really feel that having a doula is such a great resource to have throughout your pregnancy, during the labour process, as well as after! Michelle fully explained my rights as a patient in the hospital, what my husband and I could expect during the labour and delivery process, pain relief options, etc.. She is a calm, strong, gentle soul who always knew the right things to say to me to calm my spirits and give me the empowerment I needed to continue. We sought out a doula because it was really important to me to try to deliver our son naturally. I was somewhat nervous goingA into the birth (as most women probably are), and having Michelle at my side really helped me calm my fears.A IA have recommended her to others since and would not hesitate to do so again. However we cannot provide these and would be down to the seller to bring along to the event.
Tables are available on a first come, first served basis and numbers are limited so early booking is recommended. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
Next week I’ll be starting a new workout program, but it will include many similar exercises. Initially this was a difficult process as I could not meet any of the doulas I started correspondence with in person, but when I first got into contact with Michelle IA immediately got a good vibe from her. One day during a prenatal class my mind was changed dramatically and my husband and I decided to hire a Doula.A Heading into my first pre-baby meeting I was very fearful about delivery, I wasn't interested in breastfeeding, IA wanted an epidural. Essentially, I felt that I did not need to attend a birthing class, as Michelle was a wealth of information! Michelle stayed after the birth of my son, and ensured that my son was breast feeding properly and all was well, before she left.
During labour there was a time I turned to her almost in tears saying, "I can't do this! He was thankful to have her knowledge and expertise to help us make good decisions during our stay at the hospital. From the first time I met Michelle I knew that her calm energy was just what IA wanted in the delivery room with us. Plenty of time for you to get yourself and the family organised in the morning prior to the event. We cannot offer refunds on tables should you cancel, unless we are able to resell your table prior to the event. Some mums have stuff to sell but dona€™t think they have a€?quitea€™ enough to warrant renting an entire table all to themselves.
So I’m doing three tough strength workouts and filling in another two or three days with a run or some other type of flush exercise as well as stretching and foam rolling. We emailed back and forth and spoke on the phone and just from that IA knew that she was the right match for me.
I was a bundle of nerves and fear with lots of ignorance onA how wonderful this process could be.
Meeting with her before the birth of our son put us at ease and provided us with lots of good information and resources. Michelle's continually advised my husband and myself, "this is our birth" and we make the decisions (unless there is a medical emergency) regarding how we would like our birth to be, which was great to hear and to be reminded of! Michelle took pictures of A my son, and family after the birth, which was very much appreciated!
Michelle was available to us for questions and preparation before our son was born (including checking our car seat to make sure it was correctly installed!!
We are more than happy for you to share a table with a friend and split the cost of your table rental in the process!

Michelle began to work with me on these fears, she shared her wisdom and experiences with me in a way that was non threatening and very caring.
Having her there during labour gave me confidence and helped me to make informed decisions. If you cana€™t find anyone to table share with, let us know and we will add you to our a€?table sharea€™ list where we will team you up with a partner as soon as the opportunity arises!
She listened to all my concerns and questions and I felt sincerity and care as she responded. She was there to field at least a dozen phone calls when IA first went into labour and just needed some reassurance that what I was experiencing was normal. After many months of reading birth books, searching the net and watching birth shows, I knew that the passion for birth was not subsiding.
My labor was long and hard but with Michelle by my side it was epidural free and a wonderful experience.
I turned to Douglas College for information and found a doula support course which I completed in 2006. On the day of my sons birth, things did not as I was hoping but because of the prenatal visits and chats with Michelle, I felt prepared to take on the task ahead of me. She was a tremendous help and comfort to both me and my husband who really appreciated having a second person there.
It wasna€™t long before I also completed the comprehensive breastfeeding course for health care providers at Douglas College.
Even with my mom &A husband in the room the only person I wanted close by was Michelle.
I'm happy to say that because of Michelle's help and that of the great nurses and doctors at Abbotsford Regional Hospital our son was delivered entirely naturally and was healthy and perfect.
I am dedicated to ongoing professional development and attend several workshops and conferences each year. In the early days at home after giving birth when the lack of sleep for myself and husband was wearing down heavily on us, her positive encouragement helped me feel more confident in my parenting skills and get through the tough times.
Michelle continued to support us in those difficult first weeks, making home visits and helping with breast feeding which IA struggled with. She also helped us overcome a few other obstaclesA like helping my son with his latch when nursing, and encouraging me to see a doctor when she correctly suspected I had thrush. Michelle was also a support through breastfeeding after baby was born and even until this day 4 months later. Because of her my first time giving birth was a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend her to anyone I know!
MIchelle came to my home a couple times post baby for nursing support and continued discussions and questions through email months later. I definitely intend to call on her again in the future when we have a little brother or sister for our son!
There is a movement towards normal birth and I am hopeful that every mother will embrace it. She got me through late night feeding issues, a case of thrush and even some teary eyed frustration. I can't thank her enough for this, she is the only reason I continued to nurse through the hard times!
She walks along side of you and becomes part of your family for just a short time but the memories, impact, and experience will last a lifetime!

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