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I thought I’d kick off my Banned Books Week posts with the only title on the 2011 list I hadn’t already read! It goes through month by month of the pregnancy, explaining prenatal development and what an ultrasound is, eventually culminating in birth (with all the blood and grossness tactfully edited out). Anyway, I can see why this book might not be the one some parents would choose to read to their kid about childbirth.
It should be noted, of course, that the most frequently challenged books are unlikely to be the most objectionable.
Even though it looks like a picture book, it’s not stuck in with Good Night Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
The only difference between this and the countless other books designed to help parents explain what’s happening to mom is that it goes into more detail about how the baby got in there. But somehow the above piece of information did not really register and I spent the next ten years terrified of immaculate conception.
The above article and this more recent one both talk about all the hate mail she’s received from people who saw the short segments on the challenge on Fox and Friends and other local news sources, both of which tried to paint the issue as way more dramatic and shocking than it actually is.

One picture shows food traveling through the umbilical cord into the baby, including a sunny-side up egg, which is clearly on the Do Not Eat list of foods for pregnant women. Will it convince our children that it’s no big deal and they should go ahead and try it, all while eating under-cooked eggs???
After all, many libraries won’t shelve the most vile material available, and even if they did it might well be too obscure for parents to know about and challenge.
It’s very important to remember that libraries are curated collections and every book, even the ones you might find objectionable, have been chosen with a purpose.
It’s with the explanatory books about childbirth, diseases, how blood works, and World War II. Should I try to get this book removed from the library because of these things I don’t like, thus saving the rest of my community from having to deal with these blatant falsehoods?? I realized I was going to have to come down on one side or the other of the abortion debate and I didn’t really want to go there.
My parents tried to be as open as possible about these issues, and I wish there had been more books like yours around when I was little to clear up all my misconceptions!

Rather, we should expect the most frequently challenged books to be ones near the line of acceptability; popular enough to be shelved and well-known enough to be challenged. And if you let your kid wander around on their own in the non-fiction section, cool, but it’s not like the library makes a secret of what that section is for.
Just because the library is there for me doesn’t mean EVERY book in the library is there for me.
Non-fiction books are meant to explain the world in ways a child can understand, and that’s what this book does.
This personal experience is one of the reasons I firmly believe that if someone is old enough to ask a question, they’re old enough to receive an answer.

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