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Baby is the first life stage in The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4 (excluding pregnancy, in the case of the latter games). There are no premade babies in The Sims series, although some premade Sims start out pregnant.
Babies grow into toddlers in The Sims 2, The Sims Stories, The Sims 3, and The Sims FreePlay, while they grow into children in The Sims, The Sims Medieval, and The Sims 4.
Two Sims of opposite genders must interact romantically either by kissing or "playing in bed"[TS:LL] and then hope for the random chance of a dialogue asking Should we have a baby?, to which the player can answer "Yes" or "No". A phone call is received (completely at random) from an adoption agency asking if the family would like to adopt.
Either way, a baby arrives immediately in a shower of flowers, at which point all other Sims gather to applaud the newborn. Babies awaken approximately once every 6 hours and require feeding (although strangely enough they never require diaper changes) and to be sung to sleep.
The baby is visible while a Sim is interacting with it, but it will be placed back into the crib once the interaction is finished. If the baby is not tended to after several hours of crying, a social worker will call to reprimand the household and warn them that, if the child is not taken care of, the social worker will come to take the baby away.
Babies in The Sims 2 require more planning, since either a successful Try For Baby interaction or the abduction of a male Sim is needed. Unlike their counterparts in the original, babies in The Sims 2 are separate from their cribs, which need to bought in Buy mode. To feed a baby, click on a refrigerator and get a bottle, or click on a partly-filled bottle and select the "Feed bottle to" option.
The Sims 2: FreeTime introduces the parenting skill, which gives Sim parents the ability to check on the baby. The DangleMaster Deluxe and The Bouncinator 3000 are The Sims 2 Store objects which are unique for babies. It is possible to raise a baby by feeding and nothing more, however, it is not recommended because building relationships with them is fairly easy. In The Sims 2, the automation of teens and older Sims around babies can be rather annoying. Bigfoot will occasionally attempt to perform a prank on the baby (even the joy-buzzer prank!), or to use one of the "Fight" interactions.
On the normal lifespan setting, a baby will once again take three days to age up into a toddler.
Pregnant Sims can either go to the hospital to have their babies or stay at home to give birth.
It is also present in The Sims Stories series, and The Sims Medieval, which are spin-offs of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, respectively, and in The Sims FreePlay.

The "playing in bed" interaction can only work if a Sim has a Vibromatic Heart Bed or a downloaded bed that's based on it. If the baby is left unattended for a second time, the baby will be taken by the social worker. Since there are no genetics in The Sims, the child's body and head skins will be selected at random, and the child may not resemble either parent.
A player can evict a family from their house while a baby is in it, but the baby will not be there when the family is moved into a new house.
Regular feeding and diaper changes are required, and social interactions (cuddle and play with) are possible, although, unlike the original, a baby's relationship scores are calculated from the moment it's born.
The background color of a baby's icon will change to reflect his or her general mood, but it's not possible to view any of a baby's details without using a hack or boolprop testingcheatsenabled, unless the player has the FreeTime expansion pack (see below). The baby will drink until the (invisible) hunger motive is filled or the bottle is empty, after which the bottle will be put down. If they are put on the floor or ground, Sims and pets will either go around them or step over them.
Both of them raise babies' Fun and even Social motive, but they will cry if they are left in them for too long.
Household members can throw a birthday party for the baby and can blow out candles on a cake, triggering a special cutscene to celebrate the baby's age transition. They will attempt to meet the baby's needs autonomously, but will not always be intelligent about it. Mercifully, prank and fight interactions can only be performed on Sims who are teens or older, so the game doesn't allow him to do this. This time around, however, babies are much more specifically modeled on newborn infants, and appear to represent a period spanning from birth to the first few months of a Sim 's life. If the player opts for a home birth, the Sim will spend a period of time visibly suffering from labor pains and then spin around in a cloud of multicolored sparks, after which the baby appears in her hands in a manner resembling births in The Sims 2 when cutscenes are disabled. In Get a Life mode for the console version of The Sims, the player will not be given the option to decline. Once the baby has gone back to sleep, Sims will be unable to interact with it until the next time it awakens for feeding, though Bonehilda, if available, will be able to feed the baby. The body skin can be changed by using a dresser, but the head skin can only be changed by using a third-party program. Again, babies can be adopted, but in this instance it's the player's choice as to when - or whether - that happens, as the adoption agency will not call at random.
Another difference from the original is one of the new NPCs, the Nanny, who can care for youngsters and will also tidy up as a bonus.
However, the player can see if a baby's diaper needs to be changed, as that interaction will not be available unless it's needed.

If The Sims 2: University is installed, Sims cannot get bottles from the "MMM" Mini Fridge. Being left on the floor or ground does not harm a baby, but babies will rest better if they are in their cribs.
Babies also have no aspirations, wants or fears, but can collect memories (even though in reality they would be much too young to understand most of them).
If there is no party or cake, another household member will autonomously pick the baby up when it is ready to age and "help" it with its birthday. For example, they will always autonomously feed a crying baby, even if it needs its diaper changed instead. Unlike in The Sims 2, a pregnancy will last for 72 hours rather than 75 hours, and the Sim's belly will expand gradually rather than abruptly growing at the end of the first two trimesters. Pregnant Sims may also have wishes to visit the spa or get a massage when experiencing back pains, or wish to eat certain foods to curb their cravings. If twins or triplets are born at home, after the process of naming the babies and assigning traits, the Sim will put the first baby down and repeat the spinning action until all the babies are born.
Children cannot independently interact with babies - though they can talk to babies that are being held by older Sims - but all teens and older Sims can, and house guests may autonomously hold babies and feed them bottles. It will also not be available if the baby is asleep, even if the background of the baby's icon is yellow. A baby can be placed in a crib by clicking on the crib, and selecting the option to put him or her in it.
Unless a baby is being removed by the social worker, which would happen if its (invisible) hunger or social motive was to become critically low, it can't leave the lot unless a glitch occurs. So, while the autonomous "Hold Youngster" action may indicate that a baby needs some sort of attention, and crying definitely indicates that, the player may need to intervene and decide whether it needs to be fed, changed, or just held. If the player opts for a birth to take place at a hospital, the Sim will disappear into the hospital rabbithole and after some time, emerge carrying their baby or babies once names and traits have been assigned for them. A baby who is sleeping in a crib can be tucked in, but the option will not appear if the baby is awake.
Using a changing table is preferable, as it provides a larger boost to the baby's (invisible) hygiene motive, and the dirty diaper is automatically disposed of. While a baby can be bathed in a sink (any type of sink will do), using the changing table when a diaper change is needed should keep the baby's (invisible) hygiene motive satisfied well enough to make this unnecessary.

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