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I wrote a post about preparing for birth and why we left Nicaragua and how we ended up in Costa Rica to have this baby. Suffice it to say that we came to Costa Rica because we couldn't find a midwife for a home birth in Nicaragua… and because we couldn't stay in Nica any longer due to a 60 day limit on the vehicle permit. As it often does, events worked out serendipitously so that we were able to housesit for a friend and we made the move from Nica to Costa Rica in between Christmas and New Year's.
As it turned out, we soon had to return to the States for work, and ultimately our path led us to the Dominican Republic, then Georgia, India and Alaska where we finally had that baby number five. From there we began Alaska to Argentina, spending over a year in Guatemala, where we made the decision to add number six. Settling in to our new place in Puriscal, we received a visit from my cousin and her baby, and then the exciting news that grandma and grandpa would be coming!
It had been nearly three years since the kids had last seen them in Homer, Alaska when we said goodbye and drove south. Gratefully my husband noticed what was happening and finally kicked everyone out -- the kids were 'ordered' to enjoy a movie fest with grandma and grandpa.
As great as the warm water felt, it slowed my contractions, and I couldn't seem to get in the 'right' position. She was turned to one side, so to get her to flip a little more I knelt on the bed leaning over a birthing ball while my cousin massaged my back. During all this time I knew that I needed to move on to the next stage -- the stage that was 'not fun' -- transition. I felt close to my husband, united in a common purpose of bearing and raising children -- bonded together in creating a family unit, not just with sex, but with every part of it -- sharing the burden of bringing them into this world and in raising them to be conscious and contributing human beings. Ah ??  Good job mama!  That is so awesome you were able to tune in and relax.  I had a completely pain free birth at home unassisted with our daughter almost a year ago, and am expecting again in Sept!  Oddly, I’m more nervous with this one, and hoping and praying it can be just as awesome as the last birth!  Blessings to your family!! I went through exactly the same thing with baby number 6 and couldnt for the life of my explain why I was so anxious!

Luckily I had an amazing midwife who told me she had experienced this as a young midwife with her own mother and was able to be considerate, supportive and UNDERSTANDING of my fears. What happens if two incomes become one?Becoming a one-income family: Zack and Zoe's story (Case study)What plans help me if I take time off work to care for a baby?
Government grants and bondsChoosing an RESP providerHow to open an RESPWhat are some other ways to save for a child’s education? Use the resources on this page to find out how you can build a better future for your family. It was in 2008, with four children, that Greg and I had made a decision to have another baby, and to have it in Costa Rica (we were living in Escazu at the time). Little did we know that she would become a Tica (Costa Rican), completing the circle and fulfilling the 'prophesy' we made all those years ago. But once that danger was passed, we spent the days wondering if today was the day, and hoping she would be born with plenty of time for grandma to enjoy her before they had to leave. But then I reminded myself that my intention for this birth was to be present, mindful and to trust.
I laid down for a little nap and a little internal examination to make sure I was letting go of any mental blocks.
Trying to be in tune with my body and the best position for helping this baby came out, I felt most comfortable sitting in the bathroom on the bidet. Eventually getting out, I had the midwife check the position of the baby to see if she was facing the right way, as I'd been having some back pain.
I liked how things were going, and I liked having strong contractions that weren't painful. I thought about what I was doing -- bringing a new life into this world -- and assured myself that I could do it.
He helped me to the bed and by now I was shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering, body shivering, even though I wasn't cold.

She felt my cervix and could tell that part of it was in the way, blocking the baby's descent. We considered unassisted, but I like having a midwife to take care of all the ‘messy’ details.
Now my contractions were slowing with all this noise and conversation and expectation that the baby would be born today. I didn't want to go through this experience again, and once we decided there was another child for us, I originally considered a hospital birth with drugs. As intensity increased, I decided to try getting in the water -- we'd purchased a blow up swimming pool and set it up in the shower.
You'll just get more worn out and tired." My excuse was that I wanted to take it slow so that I wouldn't get too worn out, but I knew he was right. I eventually realized that my fear of hospital births and all they entailed was greater than my fear of birth. Ironically, the hot water wasn't working well that day, and my mom lovingly carried pots of water from the kitchen into the bathroom so I could have a warm tub (the same thing happened with my first birth, and our neighbors brought over gallons of hot water from their house so we could fill up the swimming pool in our front room. The next contraction it was out, I pushed again and out came her little body, creamy and white, covered in vernix. Contractions were painful and I knew she would never come out while I was laying down, but I needed to rest.

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