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Ms Ward says the couple will struggle with space and money once the babies and born as they live in a one bedroom house. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Can you imagine going for weekly scans all through your pregnancy – planning, decorating, purchasing pink baby items and choosing female baby-names because you thought you were having a girl.
We feel so blessed.a€™The babies will be delivered in nine weeksa€™ time at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent when Ms Ward is 34 weeks pregnant.

It means Ia€™ll have three princes and one little princess and our family will be complete. I thought it was just my hormones after the birth.a€™But a week on she took a test which confirmed she was expecting again.
I was looking at the blue line on the stick and then at my tiny baby thinking this cannot really be happening.a€™Mr Smith was equally stunned but the couplea€™s shock soon gave way to excitement. I tried to be happy for them but couldna€™t help wondering when it would be my turn.a€™When a year had passed with no joy Ms Ward started to fear there might be something wrong and booked an appointment with her GP in September 2012.

It was only a few months since Ia€™d been in getting scanned with Freddie so I knew what to do.a€™But this time the sonographer paused during the scan and asked the couple if they knew how many babies they were having. I couldna€™t get my head around the fact there were three babies inside me as well as the one at home.a€™When the due date was confirmed as April 28th 2014 Ms Ward realised it meant she would have given birth to four babies in less than one year.

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