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I am a 37 year old mother I have a son whom I gave up for adoption at the age of 16 giving him a better life.
I am only writing this hoping I can be of help with someone hurting and or wanting to know what a miscarriage feels like . You look just wonderful in your pictures, vibrant and healthy: ) I wish you all the best ??? I had my third miscarriage this past Christmas and my two live children and I buried the little baby in our garden underneath my eldest daughters fig tree. There is nothing more brave and selfless than bearing a child that you give to someone else so that he can have a better life. Struggling with the thought of if I did the right thing all those years fighting suicide and many heartaches including cancer I managed to happily become pregnant last year and today would have been my babies due date. I was bleeding so intensely and was in shock he and my husband boxed our lil baby up I was told by a cruel nurse to just flush it like it was a gold fish or something . What a baby looks like I was told by the nurses at that size many do not even see their baby.
We were 8-10wks, only knew I was pregnant for 11 days before we lost our baby… We burried him in the back yard too. I was only 7w eeks along when I found out I was pregnant never missed a period, nothing I was so so excited when I finally heard the news I was having a baby the excitement was short lived I delivered a baby in my bathtub 2 weeks later with what I thought was just a kidney stone pain.
We took it to the hospital with us and since it was considered a fetus there was nothing they could do at the hospital I was told I could take my baby and bury it at home in my flower garden or flush it or they could dispose of it.

Attraction has more to do with confidence than anything and the fact that you’re rocking that cute little bikini is both attractive and confident! I think you look amazing, but I understand that the marks of motherhood will remind you of your son.
I know a number of women who were only able to conceive after they located and communicated with their child.
I understand how this has haunted you, but you should never, never feel guilt for this selfless act. My mom had many miscarriages, whenever she used to feel pain she used to sit in a bath tub. For your baby, this little one did not live long or even get a chance to take a breath, but he or she was a little person and you loved him or her from start to finish and that means something!
Perhaps you could contact him to help answer th many questions you must have about his life, and to explain to him what happened.
We later found out from her doctor that it puts the baby in distress and you lose it faster.
I had been cramping all day long but knew already I had a kidney stone something not rare for me.
I know that doctors and nurses in L & D see so many miscarriages they probably become numb, but someone needs to slap them IMO.
If you cant, just remember that you gave him two great gifts… Life and the chance for a better life than you could provide at that time.

So for any pregnant women, if you are having cramps, go to the doctor, do not sit in a hot bath tub. Everything happened so fast I did not even have time to drive the 40 min from my small rural town to the city where the hospital was. The moment you know that you are expecting you dream of a healthy, happy little baby, and losing that baby at any stage is heartbreaking. When I entered the bath I had the most severe pain and started noticing small amount of blood my husband got me out and we went to research it on the computer, and called the dr.
I could not find anything that truly explained what a miscarriage felt like what it looked like.
I thought when I was in my 20s I would just get used to them and well they would fade , they have but are still there and I have a constant reminder that I gave someone a gift more precious than one could imagine. My doctor called us back about 20 min later by this time I was already back in the bath trying to relieve the pain.
I minutes later had a severe contraction which I now know was the pain and delivered my 9 week old baby.
The losses you have experienced will forever be etched in your mind, but trust that you will find happiness.

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