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London time (0734 GMT), less than three hours after she was admitted to central Londona€™s St. The announcement was greeted by cheers outside the hospital, where die-hard royal fans dressed in patriotic Union Jack gear have been camping out on the sidewalk, eagerly awaiting news. A town crier in elaborate costume loudly declared the news at the hospitala€™s door, clanging his bell to welcome the new royal. The palace added that Kate, 33, and her child are both doing well, and that Prince William was present for the birth. The princess is fourth in line to the throne and the fifth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

The statement said that senior royals have been informed, and a€?are delighted with the news.a€? Kate, who wed William in April 2011, gave birth to Prince George at the same hospital in July 2013.
Betting had for weeks ran heavily in favor of the child being a girl, despite any apparent evidence to back that up. Alice and Charlotte are the clear favorites, followed by Elizabeth, Victoria and Diana a€” all names with strong connections to royal tradition.
Prince Charles has signaled a€” twice a€” that hea€™s hoping for a granddaughter, which led some to speculate that Charles had some inside information.
The monarchy has not welcomed a princess born this high up the line of succession since Princess Anne, the queena€™s second child, was born in 1950.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, were fifth and sixth in line at the time of their birth. At 21 months, George is currently third in line to the throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and William.

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