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Kanye West boo stepped out yesterday rocking a tight green dress showing off her 6 months baby bump.
Meek Mill gets a taste of freedom over the weekend when he made a surprised guest appearance at Beyonce’s Formation World Tour stop in Philadelphia.
Chris Brown is responding to a man who claims that he head stomped him during a concert melee in May.
The former Texas teacher who got pregnant following daily sex with one of her students has been ordered by a judge to stay away from all schools.

Alexandria Vera, 24, was charged with continuous sex abuse of a child this week after carrying on a months long relationship with a 13-year-old male student. About Geoffrey SimpsonGeoff is a recent Oberlin College graduate, receiving degrees in both Economics and Politics. Vera, who got pregnant during the relationship but later had an abortion, reportedly had sex with the boy on a daily basis.
As she awaits trial, Vera will be forced to wear a GPS tracking device and will not be allowed near any schools, District Judge Michael McSpadden ordered.

She will also not be allowed to contact any minors, including the victim, with the exception of her younger brother.

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