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With the situation made famous by countless online jokes and skits, the thought of half-human half-dog children raises an honest and somewhat innocent question – “Can I get pregnant by my dog?” No matter your reason for asking, the answer to this question is deeply rooted in science. For conception to occur in any species which uses sexual reproduction, human or otherwise, two gametes have to meet under favorable conditions.
As I stated in the previous section, the most important requirement for pregnancy to occur is that the two sexual gametes must contain the same number of chromosomes. Dog are, and have been for many centuries, the most common and preferred domesticated animal. Every human who has an occasional deviant sexual encounter is not considered a paraphiliac by most experts. While the reason for asking can be one of hundreds, the answer to the question, “Can I get pregnant by my dog?” is a relieving thought. Pon yake on When Should You Worry About Stretch Marks ?howerd kait on When Should You Worry About Stretch Marks ?Princess on Advil Free SamplesPhen375 on Is Tonsilitis Contagious ?best cellulite treatment cream on Can I get Pregnant By A Dog ? One important requirement for conception to occur is that the two gametes need to contain the same amount of chromosomes.
Canines and Humans DNA is composed of a different number of these chromosomes, so it is not biologically possible for a dog mounting a girl to result in pregnancy.

Once you get a pet dog it becomes part of the family and they bond on an emotional level with their owners and family. Accidental – When we live with a dog, sharing our home and possessions, the possibility for accidental contact with the pet’s sperm, such as animals that lay on your towel or in a pile of clothes. Dogs also have heat cycles – In most dogs, their heat cycles occur roughly once every six months. Occasional experimentation – Yes, it is true that people do occasionally experiment with this type of sexual encounter.
Because of the different number of chromosomes in the sexual games, it is not possible for a woman to get pregnant by a dog or any other species.
In most animals, humans included, the two gametes must compose of one from a male and one from a female.
The underlying question here that most people are wondering is why someone would be asking this question in the first place? Many dogs raised in situations without a female partner can try to “hump” everything in sight from pillows to toys to human’s legs. Further explained, Paraphilia is a bio-medical term to describe a condition of sexual arousal towards objects, situations or individuals that are not socially acceptable and that may cause distress for the paraphiliac or friends and family around them.

Because of this, a woman who has an occasional sexual encounter with a dog cannot be considered a paraphiliac or zoophile. There are complete websites related to this sort of behavior that contain information and advice for people who conduct this sort of sexual behavior. Common types of paraphilia include non-human objects, animals, and also the suffering or humiliation of one’s self or sexual partner.
Sperm is continuously produced by the male’s body throughout his life after puberty, but in females the ovum are stored in ovaries and only released once every twenty-eight days. During that twenty-eight day period, it is most common for the female to become pregnant when the ovum is released from the ovaries during the woman’s menstrual period.

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